Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our little ray of SUNSHINE on a snowy day

I woke up this morning to snow softly falling outside. It looked so peaceful and beautiful. There is something about a snowy day that I just love. It makes me feel so grateful and happy to have a warm home and my boys to cuddle and enjoy inside. Life just slows down in the winter. Although I miss the bright sunny days of summer--I do feel like I have my own little rays of sunshine inside! Here is one:

Cannon is such a happy baby--he just brightens up our home! The second someone gives him the slightest bit of attention his whole little face lights up! This little guy brings a smile to everyone--he is our bundle of JOY!


Malinda said...

That pic in the olympic beret was darling. What a cutie Cannon is!

Anonymous said...

Cannon is SO cute!! I love that little guy! XO Grandma S.

Brittany said...

That is so true...he really does light up with any kind of attention. what a sweetheart! I LOVE his bright little smile!

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