Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sick boys

Our boys were fighting colds last week. Bridger was only happy being held, so I pretty much had to do everything with him in my arms all day! Good thing he is so small for his age. Brad thought it was funny and snapped this shot of us trying to feed Cannon. Although, they actually don't look sick at all in this picture--the magic of Tylenol, Iguess!

And this picture makes me laugh...One night before I went to bed I went downstairs to make sure all the boys were tucked in and I found Coleman sound asleep squished in bed with TJ. When I had tucked them in at bedtime--Coleman was not feeling good and wanted to sleep in our room. I had told him no, but that TJ was right there and would take good care of him. I just meant--that TJ would be good company, get him a kleenex or whatever. TJ is such a sweet big brother, I guess he took "taking care of him "very seriously! I took this picture, but then had Brad move Coleman back to his own bed. It just did not look very comfy for either of them.


Erin said...

That is so sweet. TJ is such a softy, and so loving. I just love him, and all your boys!

Brittany said...

That is adorable. what a sweet big brother. Isn't it great how your boys love each other so much? I sure love them! Oh, and that pic of you with all the kids was hilarious! Super Mom Mel!!

Malinda said...

That was so sweet, sis. I love my cute nephews.

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