Monday, June 30, 2008

Newport Beach IV-the final post!

The Wedding

Grandma and Deloy were married on our last day of vacation in Newport. It was a beautiful day, perfect for an outdoor wedding. The grandchildren were the little groomsmen and bridesmaids. Coleman was the ring bearer. He did a great job. Everyone looked so nice, especially the bride and groom.

Beth and Deloy

Before the ceremony started all the little groomsmen and flower girls were just hanging out.

The sweet little flower girls-Katie, Cali and Madi.

Lynzee (Deloy's granddaughter) was holding Cannon for me while I was getting him ready--and his bowtie got stuck on his head--He-He-I had to snap a picture!

Wow--Bridger must be saying something really interesting!

Brad said the opening prayer. Coleman the ringbearer is ready with those rings!

"You may kiss the bride" Check out Coleman trying to get a good look!

Adam, Madi and Coleman

Beth and Deloy with all the grandchildren

Beth with her 4 children (Marc, Brad, Beth Carrie and Scott)
Deloy and the littlest groomsmen Cannon--isn't that tiny tuxedo sweet!

Connor and Brad

Sweet little guy!

Coleman, TJ and Kyle

My oldest boys!

Our family

The entire Chrstensen and Paskett group

Bridger just loved hanging out with Deloy's grandsons, Dalton and Dillon. They were so sweet to him all night. Here they are at the dinner. Really nice boys!

Kyle, Coleman and Adam. The kids had a great time at their own table!

Congratulations Mom and Deloy! It was a wonderful day and we are very happy for you! We love you!


Anonymous said...

What nice pictures. I am really happy for Beth and Deloy. What a beautiful combined family!
XO Mom

Amy said...

Wow, I just loved looking at all those fun pictures! You got some classics, Cannon with the bowtie...Coleman sneaking a peek at the kiss...all the boys surrounding Bridger! Congrats Beth and Deloy!

Erin said...

I loved all these pictures. Beth is so pretty; I'm happy for her. I loved the pic of the whole row of boys on the fence and then the three girls. :) Your family makes all the difference when it comes to one gender dominating! :)
The pic of Cannon was hilarious. I thought it was a baby girl at first, seriously! He's got the cutest little chipmunk face. So cute!

Mindy said...

Oh, the wedding looked so nice. Beth is such a lovely person, and she looked so pretty. I loved all the boys in row on the fence. So cute! I thought Cannon was a girl at first glance, but then I recognized that cute smile. love the pic of Coleman trying to get a better look at the kissing, too. :) It looked like a beautiful wedding. Congrats Beth and Deloy!

Colby and Emily said...

Melanie, I love all the vacation and wedding photos! I'm hoping you got the email I sent you with some of the ceremony pictures (?) And I will mail that CD tomorrow (sorry it's taken so long!) It looks like your trip was a lot of fun and all the cousins had a great time together!

Brittany said...

What great pictures!! I LOVED them! So cute of all your boys (and your one little girl with the cute black bow - haha!) I'm so happy for Beth too - what a sweet person she is!

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