Friday, August 15, 2008


I decided (at the last second--just the night before) to pack up my 5 boys and join my family on a trip to visit my Grandparents in Canada for Magrath Days (annual town celebration). I wasn't going to go because Brad couldn't take the time off work and I didn't think I could manage with our boys myself. As the trip approached I started feeling so bad not going, and then my family gave me that extra little nudge with offers to help ...and I just couldn't resist! I am SO glad that we went, it was so much fun, and everyone was a huge help!! All of my Aunts, and Uncles and cousins that I love were there too. It was really wonderful to visit and reconnect with everyone!

My sweet Granparents, the boy's Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Rice-

Grandma and Grandpa Rice's home in Magrath, Alberta, where my Mom grew up. I love this little house--I have so many happy memories here--and it is just shocking how we can all happily fit! My Grandma Rice makes the most amazing meals for us all. I think she must work for weeks ahead of time preparing and freezing food! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!

Great Grandpa Rice, Grandm and Bridger--washing new potatoes from the garden --these poataos my grandparents grow are incredible. So tender and delicious-my favorite!

Great Grandma Rice, Aunt Cindy and Grandma--talking genealogy-

My Dad and Me at the pasture. The boys were saddling up to go for a ride-

Connor and TJ getting ready for a ride-

We spent a couple of afternoons at uncle Bob and Aunt Michelle's swiming in their pool. They have a big pool with a slide and a diving board. They were very kind to have us all over and providing lots of ice cold pop , yummy snacks and a BBQ dinner! We had such a blast!! Thank you!! Here is Michelle and Me

Uncle Bobby and Cannon. Right before this picture was taken (and he saw me) Cannon had is head on his shoulder. It was very cute!

Go TJ! --in the left corner of the picture you can see thebarrel of a squirt gun getting him!

My cute cousin Taylor and Hayley. I used to play with them as babies and now they are taking care of my babies! Crazy how time flies and these babies grow up so fast!

Bridger wanted to go down the big slide, so we started out with Aunt Michelle just letting him slide off the bottom to Haley. He loved it so next we set him at the top-

Go Bridger!! He actually did it--I was shocked!

One afternoon we went fishing on a river outside of Magrath. Here is Connor getting a ride across from Uncle Matt.

TJ the fisherman-

During Magrath days there is a traditional family softball tournament. This a BIG deal--let me tell you! It was very fun to have a Rice team this year. They did very well.
The team coaches-Aunt Jackie, Jordan talking with Griff and Uncle Jim-

Cheking out our team- Uncle Bob, Great Grandpa Rice, Grandpa, Lindsey-

Our littlest fans, Cannon and Gabe-

Watching the game- Brittany had just got back from the ER--she got hit in the face as she was walking off the field during practise. Poor thing she ended up with stitches and a terrible blackeye!

After the game family party at Aunt Jackie's! What a crowd!! Thanks Aunt Jackie!

Playing "Rock Band" on the Wi at Aunt Jackie's home. That is Alex singing, Mitchell on the drums, TJ on the guitar, Bridger with an unplugged handset, with Connor and Coleman as fans!

We all gathered to my cousins Ciana's yard for the big parade-she had chairs out and cold drinks for us all! Thanks Ciana!

Brittany, Gabe, Ciana, Melanie and Cannon waiting for the parade to start.

Cousins-Ciana, Hayley, Melanie, Alex and Mindy-

Natalie Anna and TJ showing all their candy from the parade !

The kids sorted through the delightfully insane amount of parade candy in Great Grandma's living room!

The boys enjoyed the skatepark with their cousins, Mitchel and Kaden-

TJ and Connor ripsticking!

Bridger playing with his light stick before the big fireworks show-

> Spencer, Uncle Ronny , Aunt Laura, Rusty and Aunt Jackie

Jason, Griff , Matt and Amy ready for the fireworks-

Connor and Bridger enjoying the fireworks!

Aunt Michelle, Jason and Connor asking Bridger if he like the fireworks-

Uncle Matt and Coleman-

Connor and my cousin Connor! ( I always just loved his name!) Connor just got his mission call to the Salt Lake Mission! Congrats Connor! He is going to be a great missionary! He was so cute with my boys-always talking and playing with them! Not to mention he gave up his room for me and Cannon! Thank you Connor!

Here is a shot of Cannon taking a nap on our LONG drive home! Check out those chubby cheeks! He-he, I just LOVE that funny little face!


stephanie said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you were able to go.

Mindy said...

I loved all your pictures, sis! I need to get some copies. You have a lot that I didn't get. Bridger looks especially cute at the fireworks. That was such fun trip, wasn't it?

Brittany said...

That was such a fun vacation - I am SOOOO glad you guys came!! It was great having all your boys there and YOU are always a blast to be around! :) I can't wait for next time......!

Marnie said...

Mel, you are so brave! Oh my goodness. I don't think I would even attempt a trip like that without Kevin. I am so glad that you were able to go with the boys.

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