Sunday, July 20, 2008


We went up American Fork canyon to Timpooneke campground with my family this last month. We stayed in an equstrian campground, so Matt and Grandpa broght their horses. It was so much fun to hand out together, go on hikes, and long horseback rides. The weather was perfect! Hiking with Aunt Mindy!

This water is icy!!

Bridger and Connor--what a great big brother!
Going riding! I am on Baldo, Brad is on Chief, Dad's on Coltrain-

Matt on Rio-

Cowboys Coleman!

Our three little baby boys! Wesley, Gabe and Cannon-

We made a little play area for them to keep them happy and from eating dirt! Grandma was recovering from Gall bladder surgery--poor girl! Me, Grandma and Aunt Amy with the babes-

They spent hours in this playpen--we would toss in new toys and snacks! It was funny!

Campfire! Uncle Griff, Coleman, Grandpa and Aunt Brittany-

I have to admit, I am not the biggest camper. With home only a tempting 15 minutes away, I did not sleep up there! So each evening I took myself and the two little boys home to have a bath and sleep in our beds! Connor, TJ and Coleman were just delighted when Grandpa invited them to stay up there and sleep in the trailer with him! (Grandma came back each night too--since she really needed to take care of her self after the surgery.) Thanks Grandpa! The boys had sooo much fun!


stephanie said...

Riding horses looks so fun. I love the play area you set up for the little ones---way to go Campin'Moms!

Brittany said...

That was such a blast!!! I loved being up there in the canyon with you, the boys, and everyone else! It is so fun to be with our wonderful family...and all those little boys are going to have more and more fun with each other every year!

Mindy said...

Cute pics, sis! I love that last one of Dad with Bridger. I just looked at this entry with Benjamin in my lap, and we had fun pointing out all of the cousins, aunts/uncles, and grandma/grandpa in each picture. I love camping with our families. It is such a blessing to have you living so close!

M and N Tenny said...

Oh for cuteness! These pics are ADORABLE. I feel like I say that about every picture you post, must be because it's true :) you finished Breaking Dawn? I am on chapter three I hear it gets really good!!!!

Colby and Emily said...

That sounds like such fun! It's the perfect camping vacation- you get to be in the mountains with nature in the day, and still get to go home and take a shower every night!!! I love your pics, especially the one with the three boys in the playpen, too funny!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pictures ever. I loved the one of the three boys - they looked like they were all three sucking on their fingers or on a toy or something. How fun that they are all about the same age. the horseriders look great! Fun trip!

Starlie said...

Every time I see pictures of your sweet family I just get all warm and fuzy inside! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

You really are one of the kindest and most beautiful people I know. Even though I am so much older than you, I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Steph said...

Hey Mel,
I recently got into this blogging thing, and I am addicted. I saw your comment on Mindy's blog, and I decided to check out your blog. How are you liking your new camera? your pictures look great. what a fun hobby, anyway our blog address is
check it out,
Steph Halladay

Marnie said...

Looks like you had such a great time! I think it is neat how your siblings all live in Utah and you can get together to do fun things like this. Maybe some day I will at least live in a neighboring state of one of my brothers or sisters...cute pictures!

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