Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas Traditions

The Christmas Eve dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's Home

Chicken a la King was served to celebrate Christ the King
(this tasty meal has been served on Christmas eve for generations in our family)

Christmas Eve Home Night--first off ...

The reenactment of the Nativity
While my Dad reads the true Christmas Story from a very special bible my great grandma brought back from Jerusalem.

This year it was very special to have a real live baby Jesus--Thank you Jack!

Then the children's talents, singing of carols, reading favorite stories, lots of treats and just enjoying each other!

Then home for the tradition of
opening Christmas PJs-

The Christmas morning line up.
Youngest to oldest, as always!
Santa gifts and the gifts to each other

Delicious Christmas Eggs
& a Christmas tree coffee cake for Breakfast
(For recipes click here)

This is not always a tradition--but we were happy for snow! After all the gifts were given, we all went out and shoveled the walks and played in the snow....

A Perfect White Christmas!!


Becky and Matt said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I loved all of your pictures!

Amy said...

You got tons of great pictures! I love that your family has so many fun traditions. That's fun that you do Christmas pjs, my family did that growing up but I haven't completely convinced Matt of the idea yet!

Mindy said...

I agree with Amy... you did get some great pictures! The Christmas PJs is a cute tradition. Griff's family does that, too. Our family traditions are so fun, aren't they? I love that you live close to me so that i get to spend so much time with you and your cute family. I love you, sis!

Erin said...

Wow! I love all thost pictures and the details of our Christmas traditions. I just love our fun traditions. Even though we haven't spent Christmas together in a few years I still feel like we're together in spirit since we are all enjoying the same wonderful traditions! I love you!!

stephanie said...

I love traditions, even little things like how you line up youngest to oldest, and I'm so glad you captured them on film. Thanks for sharing!!

Marnie said...

What fun family traditions! It looks like you had a lovely Christmas holiday surrounded by family and loved ones.

I love the idea of Chicken a la King on Christmas Eve. Is the recipe posted on Sisters? I don't think I have ever had that dish before.

Brittany said...

How fun! You guys got the perfect combo of traditional family time but also some to yourselves! :) We LOVED celebrating Christmas Eve with all of you... Your family of boys is so adorable - i just love each one of you so much!!

Starlie said...

I love the new look of your blog! I need to visit it more often so I can get inspired to spend more time connecting with friends and documenting my own personal family history. You do such a great job of it yourself. Thank you for your comment on my blog....We absolutely love you guys! It looks as though you had a wonderful Holiday season. It is "the most wonderful time of the year" isn't it?

Brittany said...

I love our Christmas traditions and you captured them so well in the pictures. Do you know that many of them date back 80 years or so? The Chicken a la King, the Christmas Eve Home Night with talents and songs and the Christmas story; the lining up youngest to oldest came from my Grandma Ririe's family. But then there are the ones that came from Grandma and Grandpa Rice's family like the Christmas eggs and the Nativity enactment - and then there are the ones that we had when you were growing up like the candles on the Christmas eve dinner plates. It's fun isn't it!
It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. We sure missed you all.

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