Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Walkers were HERE!

My baby sister Erin brought her babies and came for a visit! Her daughter Eliza, is my only niece (on my side) I was VERY VERY excited to snuggle her! Although, I hardly got the chance--she was a very popular person!! What a doll!
Ben was a cutie pie too! We had so much fun with them.

*Here is Mom and Eliza and Iwas enjoying a little snuggle from Wesley--that never happens--he is usually way too busy for that!

These pictures above are from Mindy's baby shower.
She is due next week! We can't wait to meet little Jack!

Side note: Isn't Mindy just beautiful pregnant?

Back to all the fun we had while Erin was here --
Twilight on opening night!

A very Chilly day at the Adventure & Learning Park-

Horseback Riding-thanks to Grandpa and Matt-
The little guys loved riding in the wheel barrow--Thanks to Connor! The big BYU vs Utah game--
(I love how Cannon is driving cars down Grandpa's leg! And doesn't Brad look great with a little girl?)

(And--to our very lovable Ute fans--congrats Britt and Eric on the win --dang-it!)

And a ROLLICKING family home evening with the song apron and 6 boys!

By the way-we had yummy frozen hot chocolate for a treat that night--click on it for the recipe posted at Sisters Cafe--it was hit!

To be continued
...(this post is getting too long and my boys are starting to run WILD!)


Laura said...

You have such a fun & beautiful family! I can't believe how many grandkids you guys have in your family now. I still think of your sister's as little because I haven't seen them in so long!

Mindy said...

We had such a fun couple of weeks, didn't we?! I think this whole month is going to be awesome... especially when little Jack comes. I can't believe how big my belly is... and my face! Oh well. I'm sure this little guy is worth it. :) Love you, Mel!

Amy said...

I can not believe what a beautiful, talented woman you are! Why didn't I get at least some of those genes? :) It was so good to see you a few weeks ago, we need to get together more often!

Zobell Fam said...

We still Love you even though you cheer for BYU!! It was a great game. Your family is so cute I love seeing all that you are up to.

Brittany said...

Cute pictures! We did a lot of fun things while Erin was here - what great memories! I just LOVE our family! :)

Erin said...

Oh, I just love all these posts, Melanie! I havne't been online for so longn since I'm still not home, but it was fun to go to your blog and see all these great pictures! I love yyou!

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