Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventures in Family Home Evening

Connor taught our Family Home Evening lesson last Monday night on Missionary Work. It was an excellent lesson. He had Bridger be his missionary model--standing on an ottoman and getting a suit, tie, name tag, etc. He was making the point that you don't have to wear a suit, tie, etc to be a missionary. He taught his brothers that they can share the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday by living a Christlike life.

Bridger made a great little missionary model!

Cannon was very anxious for his turn. He kept trying to muscle his way onto the ottoman. When his Dad thwarted his efforts of pushing Bridger off, he became very upset!!!

But his mood quickly changed when he finally got his turn to stand in the coveted spot! He is so proud of himself-

Family Home Evening is quite an adventure around here, let me tell you!


Nabby Hazar said...

i don't think we have ever had a family home evening without some kind of fight or one of our kids crying, but hopefully they get something out of it:)

Mindy said...

That is hilarious! I love those pictures of the little boys on the ottoman. And it sounded like a great lesson by Connor.

Brittany said...

Cannon is so darn FUNNY!! He and Bridger were adorable little missionaries! You have got to be so proud of Connor - he is such a wonderful big brother and example to the rest of the boys!

Amy said...

I love FHE with boys! It's the best... you're making some great memories with your boys! I love your post of TJ! What a sweetheart!

Jan Sterzer said...

What a fun FHE! Good job, Con. Loved the pictures of the little boys . . . they WILL be great missionaries when the time comes.
XOXOX Grandma S.

Erin said...

haha! That is so funny! i love the pictures. Connor was creative!

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