Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring in the Mail

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email informing me that I was the lucky winner of a Spring package from the lovely and creative Dandee. I was so excited!! I enjoy her fun blog, Dandee Designs. You should check it out. She just had her 5th baby last week and he is adorable! Anyway, it was so fun to get this package in the mail! Thank you so much Dandee!! There were lots of fun things for me, but the boys really loved the "Spring in a Can". If you want one of these, she sells them in her Etsy shop here. The grass grew so fast! Coleman couldn't wait to take it to 'Show and Tell' for his kindergarten class. He didn't have to wait long. In less than a week it looked like this-

So, Dandee inspired me to do a giveaway too. I am working on a fun package and Sisters Cafe will host a giveaway next week!

Two more little thoughts...I am very excited for Genereal conference this weekend. And I read a very enlightening article here. It inspired me to improve my fasts and gave me lots of ideas for teaching my boys about this powerful principle.


Erin said...

oooh, what a fun post! I love that idea by Dandee! I'm excited for your giveaway at the Sisters Cafe! I guess I am automatically disqualified... Oh well, I guess. It'll still be fun to host a giveaway! :) I'll have to call you and find out what those other cute packages had in them!

stephanie said...

I love the grass. It brings the springtime inside. I want to try that!

kaleyq said...

What a dang cute idea! I'd better start commenting on sister's cafe so I'm in the running!! I bet Coleman loved showing off his spring grass!

Mindy said...

What a great idea, sis! That package looked so fun.

Brittany said...

How fun!! I loved that package you got - it will be awesome to do it on Sisters Cafe...are we still going to each contribute parts??

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