Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ragnar Relay Story

The Ragnar Relay in Utah is called the Wasatch Back. It is a crazy event where teams of 12 take turns and run from Logan to Park City day and night, rain or shine...a total of 188 miles! It was awesome! My team "the Comeback Queens" was a bunch of women from my neighborhood. Our story was written up in the Salt Lake Tribune here. We had a few drop out due to cancer, a broken back and other injuries. That is why there are a few extras in this picture.

The Comeback Queens

Here we are the night before at a house we rented in Logan, having a delicious "CARB" dinner!

After our dinner, we got busy and a very silly decorating the suburbans that would carry us on this adventure through the mountains of Utah!

We were in "suburban 2" so we were preparing for our first runs of the day around noon in Eden ...

Getting ready for my night run(around midnight). It ended up being my favorite! It was very cool to be running up a mountain in the still of the night with a bunch of other crazy people cheering you on.

Saturday morning was wonderfully rainy and overcast.

Brad had the boys up at my brother's place at the Zermatt in Midway--he surprised me and came to my last leg. Boy, was I happy to see my guys!

They were not too impressed with our goofy crowns!

This was a happy sight...although I swear they tricked us, because those last miles were the LONGEST miles I ever ran!

Finishing my last leg---WHOOOO HOOOO--I did it! I was beyond happy to be done with my runs, especially since I had only slept maybe an hour and a half that night.

Our team members who couldn't run met us at the finish line.

The 12 that ran

What an AWESOME experience! One of my team mates who is a marathoner told me at the end "Well, Melanie you can no longer claim that you are not a runner. Anyone who runs the Ragnar is a "RUNNER"! I just laughed, but I think her words must of sunk in a little, because I found myself out running one of my training runs this morning:) and it actually felt pretty good!


Laura said...

How fun! If you come back from GA next year, I'll be on your team :)

Carrie Hazar said...

That looks like it was so much fun and what a great accomplishment! There is one here in late Feb. that runs from Prescott to Mesa and is 204 friend Tiffany did it this year and I have somewhat committed to be on her team next year, although running through the desert is not as appealing as running through the gorgeous Utah mountains! Way to go!

Erin said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Way to go, Melanie! I am so so so impressed. You are incredible! And how do you look so lovely after running the Wasatch Back??!! I thought the crowns, white pageant ribbons, and suburban decorations were fun and cute. Way to go! I am very proud of you!

Mindy said...

Melanie, I am SO proud of you! Seriously, what a cool accomplishment. And you do look beautiful after running on little or no sleep. So impressive! Your team had a great story, too. What a neat thing to be a part of. I wish I could have been at the finish line to cheer you on, too!

momma4 said...

Wow Melanie! What an amazing story! You and your team should be so proud of yourselves! What a great accomplishment!

Brittany said...

Mel, I am so proud of you. What an accomplishment! I'm serious - I'm actually a little emotional! :) You looked so good in those pictures - i bet that felt great, physically and mentally. I know how hard that was for you to do but I bet it is all worth it now! I love you so much - you really are an inspiration in so many ways!

Marnie said...

Way to go Melanie! I am so proud of you. I have been wondering for weeks how your run went. Sounds like it was an amazing experience!

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