Friday, June 5, 2009

(Some of) The Men in My LIfe

I got a few of the handsome men in my life to pose for a picture last Sunday.

This was after church a couple of Sunday's ago. My parents came for the special day when Connor became a Deacon. Later that afternoon our whole family came for dinner. It was fun! We love our family!

Spiritual enlightment click here. It is awesome! Happy Weekend everybody!!


SWIRL said...

such a cute family!
Hey- thought you might be interested...
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Brittany said...

Congrats handsome Con-man!! Thanks for having us all over, Mel... it was so much fun!

Michelle said...

Thanks for saying hi on our blog! I am dying over how grown up and handsome Connor looks!! Can't believe he's 12 already. Seems like only awhile ago you were awaiting his arrival - wondering if you'd be able to make it to our wedding reception. :) All your boys are so adorable and it's so fun seeing pictures of you and your family. Hope you're all doing great and having a fun summer. I miss those Utah summers for sure!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Connor... and congratulations on receiving the priesthood. I still can't get over the fact that Connor doesn't look like Jack anymore. :) Where did the time go? Suddenly Connor is almost a teenager and wears bigger shoes than me! I sure love him more very year. :)

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