Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days gone by :a LAGOON trip

I was going thru my pictures from the last few months so I could send them off to be developed (I know I am still old fashioned and like to have hard copies of most of my snapshots:) Anyway--I came across some fun summer pictures that were never shared. It brought back happy memories of our last few weeks on Utah. Here are some shots of a very HOT {phew} day spent at Lagoon with our three oldest...

{In line for the new ride WICKED. Coleman is a little stressed about it, can you tell? Happy to report he did it, said it was fun but refused to go again}

{Bumper Cars--I hate these things--whiplash is awful--but the boys wanted to do them over and over again}

{We were absolutely soaked on the Rattlesnake Rapids. Luckily it was so hot that we dried quickly}

{ah yes, I remember snake suckers + wet boys = STICKY STICKY STICKY}

{The Ferris Wheel--I love this ride--I think the boys were a bit bored though:)}

Fun times at Lagoon. It seems like years ago--Time is just flying by!


Anonymous said...

"UTAH" rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign the above. . .Grandpa

Amy said...

You have such a cute family! Your boys are so handsome.... watch out Tennessee girls!!!

Mindy said...

Gosh, Lagoon and a HOT day sounds so nice right now.Winter is just starting and I am already anxious for it to be over. :) i liked the picture of Connor licking his sucker. And I can just see poor Coleman's distress as he anticipates the ride. Looks like fun, sis. It makes me miss you even more.

Mindy said...

Lagoon is such a fun place! A classic for Utahns, right?! those pictures were so cute - I know you guys had a fun time! I miss those boy - loved to see their personalities in those pics. Wouldn't it be fun to take a trip to lagoon while we are both in utah? Maybe this summer...?

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