Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Going out with some GOALS!!

TJ played in his last tournament with his beloved competition soccer team. He has played with these boys for about 3 years. They have gotten really good and so fun to watch. TJ played forward and scored 5 goals during the 3 day tournament. He was on fire! He is really going to miss this team and Grant their wonderful coach.

TJ and his number 1 fan :)


Brittany said...

WOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!! TJ you are awesome! I am so sad I never got to see you in action! Hopefully some day when I come to visit you I can see you play! I love you!!

kaleyq said...

They played awesome! What a fun weekend for the boys! It just won't be the same without TJ at those soccer games. Still get teary-eyed just thinking about our cute neighbors!

Erin said...

Great job, TJ!

Mindy said...

Way to go TJ! It has been so fun living close so I could watch your boys play sports. I'll miss that a lot when you leave. Whatever team gets him in TN will be lucky!

Becky and Matt said...

Hi Melanie,
I just left a comment, but I don't think it worked. I am so sorry that I didn't visit or get you called before your move. I wish you the best of luck though on your new adventure as a family! I'm so glad that I can keep in touch with you through blogging.

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