Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aquarium Adventures

When Brad left us in Utah to come out to start his new job, he sent the boys an email informing them that we were now the proud members of a world famous Aquarium. The boys were thrilled with the prospect! When we finally arrived we couldn't wait to go explore The Tennessee Aquarium with our new family pass!

Floor to ceiling tanks provided an amazing view for curious little eyes!

Sweet Bridger

The Butterfly Garden...and my own little butterfly ( I know, I know, he needs a haircut)

Petting the Sting Rays!

Live Tarantulas ..eek!

Swimming with the Sharks...just kidding Grandma!

Splashing in the water gardens outside!

What a delightful way to spend the day! Thank you Daddy! We love this place and have all agreed we will be back lots!


kaleyq said...

Looks like a great aquarium! The picture of Cannon in the water garden is so cute...he looks so much bigger already. Loved TJ's shirt. We sure miss him on the team! :)

stephanie said...

What fun pictures of your five enjoying themselves. I love aquariums. It looks like a very nice one. That will be fun to enjoy frequently. Great shark cage! We enjoyed the new one outside of the Phoenix area this spring.

k a t y said...

Melanie! I'm so glad you commented on my blog. Perhaps your 5 and my 5 should meet when they're a bit older? ;) They'd make some cute cuties of their own....

Laura said...

Looks like fun! :) I hope you're happy there- we miss you here (even though I was lame & didn't visit often enough).

Erin said...

That aquarium looks like so much fun! I can't believe they can even touch the stingrays. How cool is that??

Brittany said...

Oh wow! that puts our aquarium to shame!! I can't wait to come visit that one with you guys!! The boys all look SO cute!

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