Friday, October 16, 2009

Handsome like Daddy

Cannon in his new PJs...:)

This weekend:

* date with Brad...can't wait
*finish moving in...FINALLY!
*purchase and wrap Bridger's birthday gifts
*make chili and find boys Halloween costumes for Saturday evening's
Neighborhood Fall Festival
*speak in church Sunday...topic given, 'Be Thou an Example of the Believers'
*make pumpkin bars to enjoy with the missionaries , our sunday dinner guests
* plan weekly menu...which I will start posting here
*plan activities to do next week during fall break (it is a whole week here!)
What is on your list? Happy Weekend everybody!
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Mindy said...

Hey Melanie, we are going on a date tonight too - bowling with friends! Your new "home" looks like a beautiful place to raise a family! Thanks for the spiritual message - I needed to hear that!

Brittany said...

oh my goodness what a busy weekend!!!!!!! I can't believe you didnt' tell me you had to talk in church today. When i have to speak it is agonizingly stressful and I have to tell everyone in advance! :) You are prob doing it now -or actually I bet your done - so good luck or good job! I know you will do awesome! CANNON IS SO CUTE in that picture!! I wish I could gather him up and give him a big kiss! We could have a great "conversation" too - I'm loving talking to Gabe about things lately! what a darling age. Man, I miss him and all his brothers!

Anonymous said...

Cannon is SO cute and I miss him. I miss you all. LOVE, Mom
PS 'hope your talk went well.

Amy said...

Cannon is such a handsome little guy! I agree with Britt, what a crazy weekend...I don't know how you do it all Mel. Someday I'll have as much gusto as you Sterzer women. The country looks beautiful out there, I loved Tennessee when we visited. Matt and I will have to plan a trip! Say hi to all my cute nephews, especially birthday boy Bridger!

Erin said...

He is so cute in those pjs! What a darling. I hope your talk went well! Happy Birthday to Bridger - I'm glad we got to talk to him even though he was sneaking out of bed at the time. :) You're weekend sounds monstrously busy - I'm tired just reading it. :)

Mindy said...

Cannon is so cute and getting so BIG! He does look like Brad in that pic, too. Oh, I miss him. Hopefully you got everything done on your busy weekend. I love you!

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