Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Falling Short

Have you ever had a week where you are falling short?
It reminded me of this little moment with Cannon. He was trying to reach a leftover chocolate cake sitting there temptingly, at the side of the kitchen sink. A sink that was full of dirty dishes and cold unused dishwater ( the morning after a Christmas party). I was trying unsuccessfully to get to that task. I imagine that in his two year old little mind, he was confident that he could reach all the way across to that sweet treat as he climbed on top the couch and over that ledge.
He just couldn't quite make it! I know, I am such a meanie to snap a picture, but honestly my camera was right there and I couldn't help it! As you can see from the next shot, I changed him into some fresh, dry clothes and gave him a fork and let him go to town! I decided to reward him for his valiant efforts!
Hopefully that will work for me too!
All my wonderful guests have come and gone, my home won't stay clean (weird:), and even the promising new recipes (Roasted Vegetable soup and Rosemary Asiago bread) I have tried this week have been awful. I am in a 'funk'...I think it is because, I miss my family and friends and my darling hubby (who is out of town on business more than he is home this month).
I suppose it is good to have people in your life that are so lovely that you find yourself a little heartsick when you're apart, right? I will consider this 'funk' a sign that I am blessed and just keep plugging along.
I am sure that it will get sweeter!


momma4 said...

I love this! We have had many moments such as this - doesn't it just come with the territory? BTW, you are my hero, so just keep at it! You are amazing at all that you attempt - so there! (:

Melanie said...

That was a hilarious picture of Cannon in the sink and I would have snapped a picture, too!

I'm sorry you are in a funk. I totally know how that feels and have been in one myself for a while. I wish it was as easy as a snap of the fingers just to snap out of it! I hope your month goes by quickly (and holds a lot of fun).

Mindy said...

Oh, too bad that all the hard work of little boys usually ends up meaning a lot of hard work for their mommies, too. :) I miss you, too, Mels... so much! In fact, I was just looking at ALL the airlines to see how much it would cost to come see you. Too much for now. :( But I can't wait to see you when you come!

Erin said...

Melanie, you are such a good mommy! I know what you mean - sometimes I have a whole list of things to do but at the end of the day all I've done is tidy the house and it is STILL messy as well as dirty! Rather depressing.
I like the way you look at it - blessed because you have such lovely people in your life that you miss so much. Family sure makes everything happy. Having your husband away is the clincher. I'm sorry! I love you lots!

Brittany said...

Oh Melanie I wish I could come over and we could cook up one of our favorites for a lunch together! Or go for a walk...or just sit and talk while the boys played! I miss you so much too. It was so FUN to talk to you on the phone the other day - it was like old times when we got to talk all the time! I can't wait to come see you and have you show me your beautiful area. Same goes for having you here too!

I loved that picture of Cannon - how funny! Gabe was in here and saw it too and I told him the funny story but he stood there looking very serious, staring at the picture and finally said: "Oh no!" :( It was really cute! Now he keeps coming up to me and telling me how Cannon fell in the sink! I love this age!! :)

Laura said...

I love this picture! So funny! :) I'm sorry that you're having a bad week. We all do from time to time! I do probably more often than you!

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