Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There is something special about a New Year for me and especially this year because it marks a new decade. It has been good for me to reflect on the events of the past 10 years. I am grateful for the blessings and growth I have experienced over this last decade.

Our family 10 years ago. We have gotten older and added a few more boys! It looks like we were forcing the boys to be in this picture.

I have always been happiest with goals and a'To Do' list in front of me. Knowing this about myself, I welcome any oppoturnity to do just that! For me, the start of a New Year is a time to evaluate myself and see if I am on the path that will lead to the person and life I want. My intention is that my resolutions direct my weekly goals.

So here we go...

2010 New Years Resolutions

1. Create a home that is a HAVEN for my husband and family. I want my little nest to be a warm, loving place for my family to retreat and rest from the world. A place where the boys can learn and develop strong christian morals, the value of hard work and a determination to do what is right and good in the world.

2. Develop diet and exercise habits that will foster a strong and healthy body, mind and spirit. Follow the Word of Wisdom more closely. Learn more about natural remedies. Plant a garden here in Tennessee and grow my own vegetables, fruits and herbs. Run a race this summer! Anyone want to do this with me??

3. Write more...letters to family and friends (instead of only emails), love letters to my husband, thank you notes, journal enteries, and even blog posts:)

4. Get up early. Brad is really good at this. I am not. I will learn to get up early to read my scriptures, think, plan, write, and enjoy the quiet. I think starting my day with a little time by myself will be such a treat!

5. Daily Service. As a family we have discussed this article, and have committed to do a 'good turn' daily. We usually talk about it at dinner or family prayer before bed. It is so sweet to hear about the little acts of service the boys have done for others. It makes my day!

6. Learn from good books. I love to read! Lately I have been doing more of it and I want to continue this trend. First of all my days are always better when they begin with a few minutes of scripture study. I also love to read books about other cultures, periods of history, the examples of courageous, good people and grand adventures. Have any recomendations for me? I am going to read two books a month, along with daily reading from the Bible and Book of Mormon.

7. Plan more fun and creative dates with my husband and outings as a family. We need to get out and explore our new home.

8. Develop a few "skillz". I have a few items that I am not using very well and some have become an an energy drain for me as I procrastinate learning the required skills. So this year I will do it! To name a few ... photoshop elements, sewing machine, Nikon D60 camera....any helpful ideas?

9. Work on developing the quality of grace. I have always admired a person who is gracious, generous and kind in whatever circumstance they find themselves in, and to everyone irregardless of if they are deserving.

Wow--I really enjoyed writing these thoughts down. Now, as I look over this list, I think I better get busy!
Happy New Year!!


kristi lee said...

I'm in for running!

Erin said...

I loved this post, Melanie. I still need to do my New Years Resolutions. I think I will do that now. You have inspired me. :)
By the way, remind me to tell you sometime about how I told my friend the story of your Stay Calm and Carry On poster. She loved the story behind your poster, of Cannon (or was it Bridger) jumping on it. :)

Laura said...

These are great goals :) Wish I was there to run & learn how to sew with you! These are 2 of my goals in 2010 also.

Mindy said...

Wonderful goals, Melanie! I still need to sit down and formally write mine.

Angie said...

Your Valentine Banner is so cute. Did you make it or buy it. Is it make with paper or fabric. Darling!


Anonymous said...

So I don't even know you, but I look at your Sister's Cafe Blog religiously and that's how I ended up here. I just had to comment because all of your goals were so inspiring. You have made me want to be a better wife and mom. Thanks for all the inspiration. Love both of your blogs!!

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