Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma in Tennesse Marathon of Pictures

The first day they were here, we enjoyed visiting, reading and just catching up.

Then we were off...
We took them to see Lookout Mountain (a big civil war site) where you can see into 7 states!!

We went to TJ's basketball game!

Connor's Wrestling Match

Coleman and his cute flag to cheer Connor on (It says Connor Rocks!!!!)

Playing Boggle with Grandpa

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium with the two little boys while 'the brothers' were in school.
Grandma got down all fours to explore with Bridger!

Checking out the crabs

Augh!! They are swimming with the sharks!!

Look at the penquin stopping to say hello!

Petting the sting rays

This cracked me up. One night Grandma was reading to the two little boys and slowly but surely all the boys were drawn in...

Awe what a good story teller!

And then all too soon their stay ended.
On our way to the airport--boo hoo!
Oh we miss you so much Mom and Dad!! Come again soon!


Jan S said...

Those pictures brought back all the fun we had with you. Thanks for a wonderful visit, honey! We will start saving up our money to come again, soon. We sure love you all.

Brittany said...

Oh, that made me want to be there too! What fun you guys had. That aquarium looks AWESOME! But the best is all the time spent with hanging out...boy I miss just dropping by or going to Costco together. I cannot WAIT to see you all again!! I'm so happy that mom and dad got to come - they had so much fun and they have been missing you guys SOOOOO much!

kaleyq said...

What a fun visit! ...I wanna come! :)

stephanie said...

It looks like they had a great time. I love Coleman's flag.

Amy said...

Aww, mom and dad are such good grandparents, huh! We were at their house tonight just thinking how much we miss your cute family. These boys are just getting too big! Love that sign of Coleman's, he is too cute. He cracks me up!

Erin said...

Oh, that looked like so much fun! You guys were able to take them to lots of fun places! What a nice visit!

Mindy said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. I can't wait until I can come visit. And I loved the picture of all the boys sucked into Mom reading books. Too cute.

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