Thursday, February 11, 2010

My little Valentines Boy

Bridger with a bacpack full of Valentines

Bridger recently started a preschool group--and is LOVING it! When we moved here, I tried to get him into a preschool with no luck. All the classes were full. There is a group of ladies from our church that do a preschool that alternates homes. Bridger was invited to join them for the rest of the year. (Thank you Kristi!!) When I told Bridger, he was so thrilled and started counting down until his first day! In fact the night before he came into my room in the middle of the night just to tell me how excited he was for preschool in the morning. Today is his Valentines party--so exciting!

And a little treat for his teacher...

The recipe for this white chocolate Valentine Popcorn is here.

And do you need some valentine free printables?

Thank you to the very talented Amy at Living Locurto!
She has links to a couple more free Valentine printables


kristi lee said...

We love having him! I can't keep my hand out of that popcorn bag. DELISH!!!!

Brittany said...

What a cutie patootie! :) I miss that little guy... except he isn't that "little" any more!!

Mindy said...

Jack came to sit with me for a second and smiled big at his cousin Bridger. We can't wait to see all those boys this summer.

Marnie said...

Mel-- I made the Valentine's Day Popcorn for my VT Sisters. Thanks for the recipe and great idea! :)

Jan S said...

Bridger is looking so big and grown-up. what a handsome little boy. I love him and really miss him! XO Grandma S/

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