Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Day of Summer

This is the official first day of summer around here. While my big boys slept in, my little ones were ready for breakfast. Bridger requested pancakes, but insisted upon the ones from the box of Bisquick he could see high up on the pantry shelf. I only have that mix for my crustless quiche recipe. I pride myself in being a homemade pancake kind of girl, but we made bisquick this morning:) I am happy to report that Bridger didn't really like them, he wants the "regular ones" next time...phew!

After pancakes and yogurt the little boys danced to the layed back sound of a 'Jack Johnson' song in the sunroom. My heart was happy watching these sweet little ones rolling around and giggling with the early morning sunshine streaming in. The magic ended abruptly though when someone got poked in the eye by someones toe...but hey it was beautiful for the minute that it lasted:)

I will have 5 boys home all day everyday for the next few months. I know it will be crazy at times, but I am actually really excited. The funny thing is, I am always equally excited for school to start again and be back on the scheduled life once more.

But for now I am planning lots of fun for our time together. My goal is to fill our summer with lots of memory making moments that will hopefully add up to the kind of childhood they can look back on with happiness. With that in mind...

Our Summer "Bucket" List:

*Lots and lots of Swimming in the warm sunshine

*Star gazing late at night on a big blanket with my boys

*Road trip to Utah

*Touring Nauvoo, IL on the way

*Hike the Y in Provo UT

*Ride Grandpas horses

*BBQs and fun with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins in UT

*Find a small town parade to go to

*Make full body little boy tracings with sidewalk chalk

*Trips to the snow cone shack--I gotta figure out where that is here

*Overnight camping trip in the TN woods

*Walking the greenbelt and over the TN river bridge in downtown Chattanooga
*Watch a cool fireworks show with lots of sparklers

*Read 'A Dog Called Kitty' to my boys

*Invite a big group of kids over for 'Kick the Can'

*Make Smores on the back deck

*Put together a Beatles Rock Band Party

*Figure out how to make the best homemade lemonade ever

Well, I better go! We are ready to start checking stuff off:)

What do you have on your list this summer?


Janell Cox said...

Let me know when you find that best homemade lemonade ever recipe!
We are having a read a thon on a blanket in the family room in our jammies with homemade muffins and fruit.
Road trip to California to visit grandparents, help uncle/brother move into new home, stop at Yosemite National Park on the way there or back.
Go golfing
Go to a southern utah national park
Run a 5K as a family
Smores and capture the flag
Hike to Lone Peak
Bike rides on local trails near a river, etc.
Attend pioneer trek; girls camp, scout camp
Go to eastern utah for a family reunion and stay in a trailer and play with cousins
Learn how to decorate cakes with my daughters
Attend Dance camp, and soccer camp
Learn/teach homemaking skills-my fifeteen year old daughter asked for this. Whoa!!!

Mindy said...

I loved how the magic got ruined when someone got poked! Too funny. I can imagine Bridger thinking that the Bisquick was fun, too. Sounds like you guys have a fun summer planned! I'm glad we get to do some of it with you. Wish I could to Nauvoo with you... I thought it was SO fun to go with ERin and Jed. I love you, sis!

Laura said...

Today I was enjoying listening to my 3 youngest kids play outside & thought "it will be fun to have Noah included soon". Sometimes it seems like you hardly see them once they are in school & I'm looking forward to this summer. We have lots of similar things planned: hikes, laying on the grass & looking at the stars, backyard campout, read-a-thon parties, snowies, swimming, sports & road trips. Hope that we get to see you guys this summer while you're here!

kera said...

what a great summer list!!!!! there is a snow cone shack off hunter road in ooltewah just in case you haven't found a place yet!! haven't been but it seems to keep busy! summer is great for making memories and it doesn't even require tons of money to make them does it!! have fun!

Brittany said...

How fun!! You guys are going to have the best summer! That was funny about the pancakes - I'm not surprised that Bridger didn't like the Bisquick ones as well as yours... who would?!! Mel, that pic of your sunroom looked like a page out of Home and Garden magazine. I'm serious. It is stunning. you are so gifted at decorating - wow. I can't wait to come see it in person this fall! :)

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