Thursday, June 10, 2010

My secret weapon to get my home super cleaned in no time...

I only pull out this secret weapon when my house is in shambles and I need some serious help from the troops to get it back together. During the first few days of no school, we were so busy celebrating the start of summer and freedom, that I did not have our summer job chart out yet and therefore no one did much to help keep our home in order. It got bad and one morning I had had enough and knew that drastic measures must be taken!

Step One:
Make a list of every job you can think of that needs to be done in your home. Each job has a point value--almost all of mine are worth one point. And the ones that have a little B next to them are for my four year old Bridger to do.

Step 2:
Make a list of prizes that can be earned for jobs done. My children really LOVE the prizes to be I don't do this very often so their teeth don't rot out due to housework!

Step 3:
Present your list and prizes sheet and let them go at it!

This picture was taken towards the completion of the me...a huge improvement!
I am telling you what, this little system works like a charm.
My boys are working so hard and fast that I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming! I never have to yell ( I mean ask sweetly) to get them going or to not be sloppy. They want those points and they don't get them if the job is not done well. Everyone is actually happy and excited to be doing housework!
Pure bliss for the Momma!

And in the end ...they each have enough points to pick a couple of items out of the treat bowl,
I have a SUPER clean house and happy children.
And that is a sweet little treat for me!


Laura said...

Such a great idea! I am definitely doing this and gonna tweet it too!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Guiver said...

Great idea, Melanie! Thanks for sharing!

M and N Tenny said...

Good idea! I must tell you how much I LOVE following your Sister's Cafe Blog. I so look forward to new posts and recipe ideas. Keep 'em coming!

Brittany said...

what a smart mommy!:)

Mindy said...

Haha! What a great idea! I wish someone would do that for me at my house. I need some motivation... and candy works for me, too. :)

Keersten said...

That is such a fantastic idea! Thanks!

Natalie said...

Oh, Melanie. I wish we lived closer. I know we'd be good friends! Thanks for this awesome idea. I'm always looking for new ways to motivate my kids. Is this the pancake recipe you always use (that was mentioned in one of your recent posts)?

One more question: Do you have a good job chart system that you like to use during the summer? And how do you change up the jobs for your kids as they get older? We need to refresh our system.

Sorry for the novel of a comment!

Patty Ann said...

What a great idea! I will be implementing it today! I can't stand my house and I can't manage to get the girls to clean it without yelling! :-) This just might do the trick.

stephanie said...

Great idea---rewards for Mom and kids!

Alicia said...

This is completely random, but I stumbled across your blog this morning and you saved my day! After a crazy Sunday my house was a disaster, to put it mildly. I was dragging my feet (yes, I was blog surfing) to get started on cleaning, knowing it would be a battle with my 4 children. However, I took your idea and I have to say a huge thank-you. This was the best morning we have had, they worked without complaint and we had so much fun, no pouting, crying, yelling, fighting, and the kids were pretty good too, :) Thanks for posting this idea. I am also a huge fan of your Sisters Cafe blog. You are a genius!!!!

Audra said...

This looks fabulous - I bet it will work - will try it out as soon as I can get to the Walgreen's candy isle! Thanks.

Jan S said...

I used this method sometimes when you were little, Mel. Do you remember? You are just better at it! :) The ultimate validation for a mom is to see her daughters becoming better at mothering than she was. YOU GO GIRL!
Love you "Big as the Sky"

Mary said...

Your blog inspired me to do something similar, I wrote about it here (and linked to your blog): - thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

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