Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beautiful Utah Mountains

While in Utah we spent an evening up in the Canyon-
- just 15 minutes from my parents home.
We enjoyed horseback rides, Grandma's famous friend chicken, gorgeous scenery, the cool mountain air and lots of cousins!
The perfect way spend to spend a summer evening!

I went with Mindy to her Dr apt just hours before to find out what she is having this December! Have you announced it yet Mindy? That was so fun to be there! That little one looked adorable already!!

Coleman goofing around with Uncle Matt's crutches...
Two of the '3 Amigos'(three boy cousins born within weeks of each other)
--we missed you Gabe!
The only way I could get a picture of little Jack--he had to sit still sandwiched in the saddle with his Daddy! That darling boy is BUSY!

And here is evidence that the 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree'...Wesley packing around some of his Daddy's Louis Lamour cowboy books!
Grandpa--loving those boys "big as the sky!"

and one last shot....My baby (who hates being called that) holding a baby:)
Isn't that little Logan a doll?!

oh how we miss ya'll!! XOXOXO


Mindy said...

I loved those pictures!!! That was last day of riding, and I have missed it. Griff and Mom are vetoing my riding anymore this summer. :( I love that first picture of the little boys on the mountain howling. They were SO cute that night. And you're right, I do need to make an announcement on my blog. I really had forgotten!

Favorite Uncle said...

Hey sis-
That was fun reading your blog entry and looking at the pics! You're such a fun mom, aunt, and sister. You do all your roles perfectly. I couldn't ask for a more loving sister and aunt to my boys. The only problem with you that I have is where you live! But as long as you make it up here often I'll survive. It was fun seeing your boys this summer and I can't wait til the next time! (and tell Connor to get over here in the fall for some hunts!)

Brittany said...

Oh mel, that was so fun to see those pics and hear about your trip a little. I actually read this awhile ago (and all the previous posts!) but I never commented. It looked like you had such a fun time in UTah with everyone. I'm so sad that we didn't coordinate our time there together. Next time, right? I am SO excited to see you in a couple weeks! :) (THose pics of the boys are so cute - it makes me yearn to see them!)

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