Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Monday

I am loving that we are back on a schedule again. It is actually refreshing after a carefree and fun summer. There is a time and season for both lifestyles, you know?! It is so good for me to post my weekly menus--it inspires me to make good dinners! I don't know about you, but if I don't have a plan, dinnertime seems to sneak up and find me unprepared. With 5 hungry boys to feed quickly we end up with cold cereal, scrambled eggs or Little Ceasars --bleh. Now sometimes despite my best laid plans things don't work out and we end up with cheerios...but not as much with a weekly menu. So here it goes:

Monday--Our Back to School Family Night( *more on this later)
Alice Spring Chicken, fresh green beans, roasted baby red potatoes, Perfect Chocolate Bundt
Tuesday--Quick and easy 'cheese steak" subs, carrots and ranch, fried green tomatoes, applesauce
Wednesday--Black bean oven chimis, apples, zucchini sticks
Thursday--Curry, jasmine rice, pineapple chunks, green salad
Friday--Homemade pizza, carrots, snap peas, peaches
Saturday--date night for Me and my hubby--Parmesan pasta for the boys
Sunday--Crock pot Sweet Pork for salads or burritos, grapes, lightly steamed and buttered broccoli, peanut butter bars


Anonymous said...

You don't know me - I read the sister cafe blog and just happened to stumble upon that - but I'm not a scary freak, just a mother of 4 young kids wanting to feed them healthy yummy food. Anyway, when I realized you posted your weekly menu, I was interested. I know it's a lot of work, but if you ever find time to do it - I'd love it if you'd make your menu with links to the recipes, so I could follow along - thanks! - Manda

Anonymous said...

OKay, I must admit, I read and LOVE your blog and haven't met you either. I was just thinking the same thing about finding the recipes to make your yummy meals. I have 4 hungry kids and I'm "trying" to be a good,healthy Mormon cooking mama but it's HARD for me to come up w/ ideas. Your meals always sound SO good. Thanks for the inspiration on your blog, you make it seem "doable"!! :-)

Mikelle said...

Hey I linked here from the sister cafe aswell. I never know what to make for dinner so I really appreciate these weekly dinner menu's. My question is, how much does it cost you a week to feed your family such good healthy meals. I feel like I spend more at the grocery store than most mom's and I don't cook as much as you do.

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