Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A couple of Firsts: Two Wheelin' and T.P.'d

Bridger has mastered his two wheeler without training wheels! wooo hoooo! He is so darn cute proudly zippin' around the neighborhood on his minature bike. The image of his pumping little legs and happy smile is forever imprinted in my mind! Precious! I feel so lucky to be a Momma!

And I am afraid that the many years of being TP'd have begun. We woke up to this lovely sight last weekend. The boys think it is pretty sweet. Mostly, they just can't wait to get in on the action. Did you TP people growing up? Brad and I grew up together and we used to grab our friends and TP each other all the time. We thought it was a blast, but I am sure our parents thought other wise! I guess this payback now:)
Sorry about the lack of "Menu Monday". I have had a doozy of a week so far and it is only Tuesday night. Lets just say, that due to an emergency with one of our friends, I was feeding and putting to bed 8 sweet little boys last night! It was quite an adventure for our household. Things are thankfully back to normal now for my friend and I am back to just 5 boys again--but needless to say, a few things had to go yesterday, such as blogging:)


Mindy said...

Bridger is a serious cutie pie! I can't believe that he is already riding a bike by himself. Good job Bridger!!!! And I totally know what you mean about loving being toilet papered. I thought it was SO fun. Hope it wasn't too hard to clean up. :)

kera said...

I LOVE that you said "just 5 boys"!!! I'm overwhelmed with just 2 girls!! Yeah for the trainingwheelless bike!!!

Emily said...

Thank you for always leaving a comment on my blog!! I always read yours but am a slacker when it comes to leaving comments! You are always so inspiring and whenever I get overwhelmed with just 2 children I think of you and my other friends with more kids...and tell myself it's probably not all that bad!! But thanks for all of your inspiring entries!

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

Melanie, that was fun to see your TP'ed house. Haha! I bet the boys were sooo curious who did it. Or do they know?? That's fun:)
I love you!

Brittany said...

yay for Bridger!! He was so cute showing off his new skills for us when we were in town! That is so funny about you guys getting tp'ed... it's totaly payback time! :) I remember those days and how exciting and funny it was to tp someones house - haha!

I'm glad things are "back to normal" at your house after the emergency. what a blessing that experience was for you - from what you told me. I love your wonderful point of view and attitude Mel. You inspire me.

uncle matt said...

Whoah- there's a running horse behind Bridger!! Obviously it missed him but- geez. That's dangerous! Who lives in a neighborhood where running horses just gallop the streets?

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