Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to THE Man of the house

The Birthday boy and sons:)

The boys are always happy to help with the candles!!

We had quite the happenin' party with, one little frosting sampler and...

Micheal Jackson...(wait a minute, who invited that guy!?)

and a video-game crazed teenager ("vidiots" as his teacher says:)
(Connor was acutally just checking the score of the World Series for his Dad)

...and another Birthday Boy?

While Bridger was digging into his slice of cake--he all of sudden stopped and said with eyes wide "Mom, oh no, we forgot my cake!" Which was true--on vacation we celebrated at Fudruckers with burgers and fries and ice cream, and at his birthday party we decorated sugar cookies. So, TJ put 5 candles into the half gone cake and we all sang the birthday song again and viola--Bridger was perfectly pleased:)

Such an sweet guy!

Happy happy Birthday my darling husband!! You are loved and adored!


Anonymous said...

Cool Candles! There didn't seem to be enough of them though. But then, getting 43 candles on one cake would look like a bonfire! Wow Brad- time goes fast eh?! Happy birthday!

Jan S said...

He IS loved! Happy Birthday Brad!

That little note about Bridger realizing he didn't get a cake was so cute. He is sure a lovable little guy. I miss him so much.

Mindy said...

I love those tall candles! And the cake looked very yummy! I'll have to ask you what kind it was. Happy Birthday to Brad and Bridge! I thought that was cute how Bridger wanted a cake and was just happy to share his daddy's cake. Too cute!

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