Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Monday

Happily we have been invited to share Thanksgiving with friends, so I will not be cooking the turkey this year. Since we will not be having the big dinner at my house, I am going to start getting out our Christmas decor:) I can not wait!!
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Monday: Peasant Pasta, roasted cauliflower, green salad, crisp apples
Family Home Evening treat: Oatmeal Cookie Bars
Tuesday: Chili Verde (from freezer), tortillas, black beans, toppings, salad, oranges
Wednesday: Chickpea and Noodle Soup, Tuna Melts, fresh pineapple, carrot sticks
Thursday: TURKEY and all the fixins:)
Friday: Date Night for me and the Mr.--leftovers for the boys
Saturday: Homemade Pizza, garden salad, crudits and dip


Laura said...

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! You're missing T O N S of snow here this year :0

Rachel Holloway said...

yummy week again! Bet your family LOOOOOVES you! Also was wondering if you have a pizza sauce you LOVE? We have a fave crust recipe, but haven't found our perfect sauce yet...heading over to your recipe blog, but email me if it's not there-- :)

Heather said...

Sisters Cafe has been my absolute favorite cooking website for the last few years. I love all your recipes and was so happy to find you melandboys website. Thank you SO much for your menus. They are awesome!

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