Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Charming Nutcracker Date

I decided that I really needed to go the Nutcracker Ballet this year like I have every year with my Mom and sisters when I lived in Utah. Since my Mom and sisters are far away and my usual date was not super interested, I got to thinking... what if I really talk up dates with Mom, maybe throw in dinner at a restaurant of their choice, then maybe I could convince my boys to do all kinds of cultural events with me! I think their wives will thank me someday if maybe my guys can learn to enjoy events that don't involve a ball at least a little. So I presented my plan and it was accepted with enthusiasm:) Wooo hoo!
It was decided that TJ would be my date for the Nutcracker. He picked a local Southern BBQ place called 'Bones' for dinner. After we ate we headed into downtown Chattanooga to the beautiful Tivoli Theatre.

The ballet was so fun! TJ was a perfect date. He kept telling me how much fun he was having. I am not sure that he really loved the ballet, but he knew how excited I was to take him. He was so sweet. It is a night I will always remember!

After the ballet we walked around and enjoyed some beautiful Christmas windows before heading home. Thanks for the wonderful night on the town TJ!
I sure love this boy of mine!

Next date with Moms: Connor and I are going to the Chattanooga Museum of Fine Arts and Coleman wants to go to a play together. I am so excited that my plan to give my boys a little "culture" has worked:)


Mindy said...

How fun! TJ seriously looks SO grown up and handsome, too. I am remembering all these boys as babies since I am getting ready to have mine this week. I remember holding little baby Tanner and thinking he was the cutest thing I had ever seen... was that really so long ago!? I think your future daughters-in-law will definitely thank you for getting these boys some culture. Jack just jumped on me yelling Connor... see what I mean? TJ does look so grown up!!! (Jack usually can differentiate between them) Anyway, I'm glad you guys had fun together. I sure miss you all!!!

Janell said...

What a great night! Your son does look handsome and you look beautiful-I love your outfit:)

Brittany said...

Oh TJ is so handsome! What a wonderful date! :) I loved the pictures of you two and hearing about the evening. You sure are a smart mom! I LOVED how TJ kept saying how much fun he was having...that just says SO MUCH about his character that he cares about your feelings so much. what a special guy! Wish I could have come too...maybe in a few years we can double and I'll bring Gabe!! :)

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

Wow, that sounds so fun and memorable. I am so glad that you have older kids than me, because I just LOVE gleaning all of your amazing mothering skills and ideas from you. I will totally copy you in doing this with my kids. I love love love this! I bet TJ had a great time, and I love all the pictures you two took together. TJ sounds like a wonderful date, telling you how much fun he was having. He is so sweet.

Carrie Hazar said...

I seriously just started to cry because I can see what I am missing! See that is exactly why I need to have a little boy...to take me on fun dates! He seems like he would be a way better date than my husband anyway! If you guys lived just a little closer I would steal TJ and make him take me out too!

Shannon said...

first, i just love your blog!!! your family is beautiful!!!

what a great idea!!! i am taking my 7 year old to see the Lion King and out to lunch in february when it comes to town.

happy new year!

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