Monday, January 17, 2011

The Day Before the STORM...

A rough and tumble game of backyard football with Dad.

All 5of his boys tried to get him down...

and tried...

But I guess you just "can't get a good man down":) At least he has a few more years that he can still beat his boys on the field. They are growing fast and that will change soon enough, I am sure!

This game was the night before the storm hit and seems like forever ago.
The last week and a half have been LONG! Maybe because the boys had barley gone back to school for 2 days after the long Christmas break, before the snow caused a week of cancelled school. Life just shuts down in the South when it snows. There are very few snowplows, so you really are snowed in. We had several days of being snug at home which was kind of nice, but then my boys had the constant desire to play. We have enjoyed lots of basketball at the church gym, went to the rolling skating rink (twice), saw 2 movies (Gulliver's Travels {OK} and Tangled{darling} played board games, sleepovers and more. I LOVE these little men of mine, but I am so happy that school is back on tomorrow. I am exhausted! It probably doesn't help that my hubby is out of town pretty much the whole month of January. I have come to these realizations lately:
1. Life without Daddy around is not as fun. That man of mine just makes life sweeter and we all laugh more when he is home.
2. Life with nothing to do gets OLD. My oldest even [shockingly] said " I hate to admit it, but I think it really is better for me when I am busy with school and sports and stuff" Exactly!!
We have been staying up too late, sleeping in too late with much too little' to do'. I am excited to get back on a schedule again---and shhh don't tell, but I am looking forward to a few hours of the boys back in school again for part of the day:) I need to regroup and get organized again. I know, I know ask me in a few days and I may wish for the laziness back, but for now I say BRING IT ON!
If anyone wonders about Menu Monday--I am using last weeks menu because it was one of those weeks where we did not stick to any schedule, not even our menu:) Augh!!!


Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

i love those pictures! What a good dad he is. I like the two realizations you had. I can definitely agree with the #1 when it comes to Jed. And #2 I haven't experienced yet, so I can't say that I've felt that way before. :)
I love you!

Mindy said...

Those football pictures were adorable! I loved them. You are such a fun mommy. You did a lot of fun things with your boys! I wish I were one of them. :) I agree about how nice it is to have a schedule. I haven't made my new year's resolutions yet... but orginization will definitely be on there.

momma4 said...

Love the pics! Aren't boys so muchs fun! You know, we have had soooooooo much snow that we can hardly tell we even have a yard and not once has school been cancelled. That's what you get for living in Canada! :)

Michael & Jessica Allen said...

Amen to your coment about life without your hubby!!! We live in Arizona and my hubby is in Dallas Texas for two months...BOO. We are just finishing our first month and have one more to go. It's not too bad durring the day my four kids keep me busy, but it is lonely and quiet at night.
I just wanted to tell you that I love you blog!!! My goal/resolution for the year has been hot breakfast 6 days a week. I love your ideas and we have all fallen in love with your green shakes!!! Yes, pineapple is the best ingredient!!! We've made so many that we burned out the motor on our blender and happily bought a new one!!! Thanks for your thoughts and good luck with your hubby gone.

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