Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainstorms and a Memory

(Me and my Dad..many years ago)

This week we have had some MAJOR rain!! Like all day and night and the streets are flooded kind of rain! Much to my little boys dismay the storm has knocked the power out for a few hours. Bridger and Cannon were quite worried about the darkness in the middle of the day and the LOUD wind and rain that seemed to be rattling our home.
It brought back a memory of a time when there was a HUGE thunder and lightening storm and my Daddy made us ice cream cones and we sat in the kitchen right in front of the sliding glass doors and watched nature put on a show. It was so fun and has stayed with me always. I wonder if that is why I have always LOVED a good rain!

So I tried to recreate that happy feeling for my boys. We had ice cream cones on the window ledge of our dining room--where we have big 20 foot windows. It was the perfect place to enjoy the storm.
Pretty soon their worry changed to happy giggles and now they want to do it every time the power is out:) Already twice this week

Thanks Daddy for that happy childhood memory and inspiring a new tradition around here:)

PS I am so sorry that I never got to posting my menu this week--I have been too busy making ice cream cones and doing other important Mommy duties:)


stephanie said...

I love this re-created memory. It does look like quite the downpour. I'm holding my baby girl on my lap right now and can't help but realize how fast those years fly by!

Erin said...

What a fun idea, sis. I love it! You are a fun mommy. That crazy weather sounds exciting! And also a bit inconvenient, but it sounds like you decided to see it as exciting, and that is so cool!

Brittany said...

that is so cute Mel! I don't remember that - I was prob too young (or not born?!) but I can totally imagine Dad doing that. He loves to watch nature and I know that is where I got my own love of watching but thunder storms too! THe little boys look so cute in the window. What a cozy and fun scene! The rain sounds really cool - not the power outage though!! :)

Kim Anderson said...

I love that you were busy making ice cream cones, instead of here online. What a great mom! And oh, what fun memories for your babies!!

Mindy said...

I LOVE it! That picture with Dad is so cute. Dad looks pretty stylin' and you are adorable! What a fun memory and a fun new tradition with your boys. You are such a fun mommy.

Lexie said...

Hey Melanie, I thought I read on sister's cafe about you doing the blender pancakes........I know you have a blendtec because you are the one that inspired me to get one. I am just wondering if you do the pancakes, just how long and what setting do you do them on? I have had really hot blender before and i don't want to ruin my blender. I am supposed to demo this at a R.S. meeting so I need to get it right. :) Thanks! Lexie Hill
Driggs, Idaho

Anonymous said...

I just read this, I'm a little late in responding. That must have been 30 years ago I was holding you! . . . well, maybe closer to 35! Life is a BLAST. . . and it was so fun sharing it with you kids. I don't think I have ever forgiven you for 'growing up'! Dad

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