Thursday, April 28, 2011

Utah trip in progress and TV time with my Sisters:)

My sisters and I with Kelly and Casey the Fresh Living hosts

I am sorry that I have been missing in action lately but I am now in Utah with my sweet sisters and lovin' every minute! It was a lot of work to leave my 5 boys --LOTS of laundry, stocking the pantry and arranging to do! I am missing those boys of mine, but thanks to my hubby and lots of kind friends I know they will be fine without me!

Anyway, today we were guests on the Fresh Living show on Salt Lake City's KUTV channel 2. It was very exciting and so fun to do this with Minday and Amy--I only wish Brittany and Erin could have been there too! You can see the link here , there are actually two little segments that we are in. The main one is "The Sisters Cafe Honey Lime Enchiladas" and the second is "Dishin' with Cupcakes..."

It was fun but the best part of the day was coming back to my 4 darling little nephews waiting at home!

Wesley, Jack, Colt and Logan--these little guys just melt my heart!

Tomorrow is the first day of BYU Women's Conference and I can not wait!



Brittany said...

those pics with the boys are so cute! I bet you are loving seeing everyone! Have fun Women's conference!

Mindy Halladay said...

WOOHOO! You guys are big stars! Looks like you had a ton of fun on TV! And, wow, you have very cute little nephews - almost as cute as mine! Ha ha!

Jan S said...

Loved having you here, my darling girl. XOXO

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