Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Iphone Shots and a new Silver Smile

Our weekend here in the South was full of sunshine and blossoms:) Yeah! I love Spring in the South. The boys found some seriously big fuzzy caterpillars lurking in the tulips. Most of my time was spent CLEANING my house, seriously! After a very LONG week of strep throat in our family, the house needed some attention! I luckily had a great book from Audible on my Iphone to keep me going. Have you used that app? It is awesome. I am currently listening to "A Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. Have you read it? It is very mysterious and the narrator has a very cool british accent. The perfect story to entertain while cleaning bathrooms:)

In other news... The boys found this HUGE frog going in to church on Sunday. It was sitting in the parking lot right next to our car. Right after I took this picture with my trusty Iphone (per the boys request) he started leaping towards me and I am embarrassed to say that I screamed in fear! Yuk!

Also Coleman spent some time in his "Secret Hideout" (located across the street from our house, hidden from view) with his best bud Kollin. This is how I found them Saturday evening when the pizza was ready and I was missing a couple little guys. And a final bit of news....My oldest is the proud owner of a new SILVER SMILE!! You can tell he is just thrilled with it (or maybe having to pose for this picture)!
All in all it was a great weekend! How was yours?


Laura said...

We were sick all weekend too :( I've heard about the Forgotten Garden recently & I can't wait to read it. You'll have to let me know what you think of it. Glad you're feeling better.

Mindy said...

Cool pictures! I loved the one of Coleman and his buddy at their hideout. It looks so cool! What a cool place to have right next to your house. Connor looks pretty dang good in his new braces, too! I'll bet that mouth is so sore. I remember those days... That frog is awesome! Matt and I used to catch frogs in Detroit in a place that looks kind of like Coleman's hideout. And Erin and I used to find these HUGE caterpillars on Mom's trumpeter vines in Arizona. I think we even put them in big pickle jars and took them to school and kept them on our desks. I'll bet the teachers loved that. :) I'm excited to check out Audible. I used audiobooks ap, but I haven't tried audible yet. A word to the wise though... I was relistening to conference on my iphone and dumped it in the tub while I was cleaning it! My phone had to spend the night in rice, but whew! It still works. :)

Jan S said...

What fun pictures! That frog reminded me of the fun our family had camping in AZ at Beaver Creek. Remember those little frogs you kids caught? - You didn't used to be such a wimp, Mel. :) That's what comes from hanging out with (and then marrying) that city slicker!
Con looks handsome but you can tell those braces don't feel so good!
How fun for Coleman to have a fun friend and a fun hide-out. Your neighborhood is so cool! I bet the kids just love exploring.

Brittany said...

Great pics! I laughed about you screaming when the frog jumped toward you - heehee! Gabe and I loved the picture of it though! That hideaway of Cole's looks pretty darn cool! and Connor looks handsome with his silver smile! Hopefully he isn't as sore now - I remember those days!

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