Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Bucket List

As you know  I have my boys working with our Summer Job charts, but I really want them to have some fun too! I want to create some summer magic--sweet childhood fun-- memories that will be with them always.

Sometimes, the best memories are made from spur-of-the-moment- kind-of-fun, but for us I have found that usually fun times need to be planned and created.  I want my boys to feel rewarded for working hard and not just with an afternoon in front of the TV, you know?! 

So as soon as school ends each Spring, we have a very important family meeting (usually over ice cream),  put our heads together and come up with our "Bucket List" of fun we want to make happen over the Summer.

This is what we came up with this year--with a few already crossed off!  But with this LONG list, I am thinking we better get busy:)

2011 Summer Bucket List
Day trip to The Great Smokey Mtns Natl Park with Friends
Go to Disco skate at the Roller skating Rink
Bowling at Pinstricks
Camping in the Tennessee Woods
Make Crayon Cars
Backyard Movie Night
Enjoy theTN River Walking Bridge downtown and Snow cones
7 Brides for 7 Brothers Family Movie Night and Brother Sleepover
Create Tie Dye T-shirts
Tour the Mayfield Dairy and Ice Cream Factory--enjoy samples:)
Rock Wall Climbing
Chattanooga Cho Cho Tour
Go out for Frozen Yogurt
Fireworks Show for the 4th of July
Night Games and Milkshakes with friends
Go to a Chattanooga Lookouts/Atlanta Braves Game
Golfing with Dad
Family Mini Golf night
Go Boating
 Create Popsicle Boats and Race them in the stream
Pizza Dinner at the Pool with Dad after Swim Team Prac.
Catch Fireflies
Squeeze Lemons for Homemade Lemonade

Gotta love having a list of fun waiting to be crossed off.  I hung this list by their summer jobs, hoping it would inspire the boys to get done quick so we have time to get more crossed off!

What is on your Summer Bucket list?


Brittany said...

what a fun list! I love that tradition in your family. You guys sure know how to have a good time! :) Eric and I have a list of things we want to go and do/see this summer too - all fun things around here. Should be fun!

Dawn said...

I lived in Daisy TN (now know as Soddy Daisy I think) when I was 10 til 12.I remember catching firefly in my Moms canning jars it is truly a fun experince Hope you and your family have a wonderful summer


Anonymous said...

How do you make crayon cars? I love your list.

Mindy said...

Fun list! You guys will have a great summer. I wish Utah were on it. :)

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