Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday Thoughts

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Happy happy stuff on my mind:

*Brad gets home at 7pm after being out of town all week--can't wait to see him!  And the boys can't wait to have their Daddy back!

*BYU plays tonight...we are hoping they can redeem themselves after last weeks devastating loss-ugh! 
 Lets hope that a miracle happens and they come out STRONG!

*I have been re-reading all the conference talks from April in preparation for next weeks General Conference.  This one and this one have inspired me today.  I am so thankful to have these beautiful words of counsel and direction from current prophets and apostles.

*Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning--ahhhh!  Getting up daily at 5am wears me down by the weekend:)   I am going to  enjoy a lazy Saturday morning and make some pumpkin pancakes--we don't really have time for that during the week, you know?

*Finishing up a "BOO" banner for my Halloween mantle.  It turned out just as cute as I imagined--which doesn't always happen with my crafting projects:)
*Looking forward to the Relief Society General Broadcast and dinner tomorrow night at the church.  Always so inspiring!

*Going to go for a family bike ride this weekend. We will enjoy the {slightly} cooling temps and first hint of Fall colors!
I LOVE this time of year, don't you?!

Happy Weekend to you!
 Monday I will share some tips and ideas for organizing your kitchen pantry and cupboards!  Let me tell you, completing that project was something to smile about:)  I have LOVED the results!


Brittany said...

What great happy thoughts to start the weekend! I'm so glad that Brad is home now. I totally forgot about BYU playing today - I hope they do better too!! pumpkin pancakes sound delish...I need to buy me some pumpkin now that it's fall so I can whip up those kinds of treats! WIsh we could go to the broadcast together tomorrow! Oh well, have fun. Love ya!

Erin said...

Happy Friday! I bet it was really really really happy after BYU WON!!! WOOHOO!! :) I love your list of happy things!

n82 said...

What happy thoughts. I actually have never decorated our home for fall before, not that I have kids I feel like I should be doing more things like this with them :)

Would you mind sharing your ideas of how you decorate your home?


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