Wednesday, September 28, 2011

7th Grade Football in all it's Glory

TJ (#17) loved playing football this year and his team went UNDEFEATED. 
 Not just undefeated, but UNDEFEATED--as in seriously whooping every team they played.  Awesome!

Last nights score was 44-6!

TJ plays free safety and corner back. ...which honestly I am not sure what that means, but I do know that he looked great!  He was fast and aggressive!
  In fact, he was so quick that I seemed to be unable to get his great plays on film!  I was too busy cheering...and trying to figure out which player was mine so I could zoom my camera in on the right boy all the while handing out snacks with one hand and keeping little boys from tumbling down the bleachers with the other!

  Phew--it is really crazy fun at those games for me!

But I did get a shot of the cute cheerleaders:)
That is something I understand!
What sweet, I mean TOUGH  Football players!
Don't you just love 7th graders?! 

Sometimes, I look at TJ and I can still clearly see a cute little toddler running around the house clutching a mini football like it was yesterday. My heart wants to burst with love for this boy and a longing to slow down time!
How did he get so big and grown up already?!
I am trying to soak up every minute with these boys of mine because my goodness their childhood is racing by!


Mindy Halladay said...

Ahhh football moms! I love to hear your stories - they sound so familiar! I am sure that TJ was great out there! Undefeated is super awesome! Kayden's team did well here, but they got their butts whipped in Raymond last week! OOPS!

Mindy said...

Go TJ! I was trying to figure out which player was TJ, at the beginning of the post and I guessed 17! I am so proud of myself. haha. That is so cool that his team was undefeated! Reading these posts makes me so homesick for when you lived down the road and we could go to games, scout ceremonies, movie nights... can't wait to see TJ and the rest of you at Christmas.

Amy said...

That was a sweet post Melanie. I can't believe how much the boys are growing up and all the fun things they are involved in. It must get crazy! I wish we could come to all fun. Tell the boys we can't wait to see them in a few months!!

Brittany said...

that was so fun to read about TJ and his undefeated team!! that is awesome!!! those must be really fun games to play in... and watch! :) I can't believe how big those boys of yours are getting either. I remember TJ as a little toddler like it was yesterday too!

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