Monday, October 24, 2011

A Birthday at the Beach

Bridger turned 6 while we were at the beach--just like last year at Hilton Head and just like last year the day started out with everybody singing 'Happy Birthday' to our boy just as soon as he was awake:)
Then we took off for an early morning shell finding walk on the shore BUT
not before a stop at the local Piggly Wiggly (yes that really is a grocery store chain here in the South and the only one on Edisto Island) for some donuts and cinnamon rolls (our Birthday Boy's favorites)!

And the shell seeking expedition begins:)


The Birthday Boy and brothers
We had a miniature golf course at the resort that we stayed at and Bridger LOVED it!!
After the beach and opening his presents this was his next birthday request!
The whole trip he was constantly wanting to go play this course!  Luckily it was just across the road from our unit and right next to the jungle gym, so we were happy to oblige him:)

Brad told him he would get $5 for a hole in one and guess what?!
Bridger got 4--he was $20 richer by the end of that round!
We could not believe it!   I think we have a golfer on our hands!

How I love this sweet boy and can hardly believe that he is already 6!
Crazy, I tell you!
Some fun Bridger facts:
*He was by far our biggest boy at birth (almost 10 pounds!!)

*He is also by far our pickiest eater (yes he inspired this post here)

*He can ride a two wheeler like nobody's business (without training wheels--for over a year now)

*He is VERY fast and athletic

*He  LOVES playing football and soccer and wrestling with his brothers--let me tell you he is TOUGH!

*He LOVES green smoothies and requests them everyday (it is the only thing that I don't have to require him to eat at meals)

*He is very very good on the computer and Wii--he is electronically talented:)

*He is not a loud child, but he can talk your ear off--we love it!

*He loves going to school each day with Coleman--I love to see that look of pride when he proudly tells me about his day and shows me the contents of his backpack.

*He may be big and tough around his brothers but he still loves to be tucked in every night with his two special blankees that he has had since he was born:)
After his requested dinner of pizza we served up Oreo ice cream in mugs!
He decided that we would postpone the requested football cake until we got home:)

Our 6 year old Birthday Boy
Getting so big...

but not too big to still snuggle up with his Momma (&and those blankees:) to watch a movie! 
 Thank heavens!


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Bridger!!! He looks more and more like Beth every year. It's crazy. I love those pictures and the story of his success as a miniature golfer. Go Bridge! I'll bet Brad will be happy to have another golfer in the family. :) The picture of allt he boys on the beach is priceless. I LOVE it. What a handsome group of nephew I have. And of course, I wish I could have gone on the early morning shell collecting. So fun! (I love the thumbs up and poity finger Coleman has going in the first picture - it made me crack up~)

PixieGirl said...

Oh that last picture is so precious! I love a good picture of a mommy and her babies!

Brittany said...

oh mel that post got me teary eyed! I can't believe he is 6 either! He was just a fat little baby yesterday! :) It looks like you guys gave him awonderful bday - what a FUN day for him! I loved hearing about all the sweet little things about him. I miss you guys so much!!! And about the hole in ones.... WOW!!!!!!! I am SO impressed!! what a golfer! THa totally makes me laugh that Brad offered $5 each - haha!! I bet he learned his lesson ;)

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Bridger! I can't believe he is six years old! Wow. He looks so handsome. It sounds like he had an awesome birthday. I like the list of facts about him at the end, too. :)

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