Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Plans

I am so happy that it is FRIDAY!
I had a very happy but oh so busy week so a slower paced weekend is welcome and I already have a fun list of To Dos going:

*Tonight I am bringing a warm dinner to some dear friends who just welcomed a new baby into their family!  I am so excited to snuggle that little bundle and bask in the sweet scent of a newborn--there is nothing better!

*Brad and I are going to the movie 'Courageous' --Brad has heard from lots of people at the office that it is a powerful movie.  I am excited:) 

*Saturday I plan on gathering the troops and super cleaning our home.  I am looking forward to blasting some tunes and enjoying a family lunch out at our favorite pizza place after!

*Watching my little boys participate in the annual Primary Program at church.  Coleman has a talk on Temples.  Bridger and I love this Sunday each year!  It is so fun to hear from the sweet little people in our congregation!

*Teaching the 12 year old girls in the Young Womens organization at Church--the lesson is on Good Health Habits.  The perfect lesson for me--I have been itching to get back into a good exercise and diet routine.  My friends asked me to join them in running a half marathon this February and I have not been running.  If I am going to do it--I need to get in shape, you know!?  I think I will revisit the Living Healthy and Strong challenges again:)

*Feeding the missionaries after church--always a blessing to have those testimony filled young men in our home.

*Pulling out some warm blankets and old family videos Sunday night.
Always produces lots of laughs and reminiscing with my boys!
Ther perfect way to wrap up our weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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