Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've got a REALLY Great Movie fo you!!

Have you seen the movie ' Courageous' yet?

I highly recommend it!

Now I am not saying it is going to win awards for the best acting ever--but WOW the message is POWERFUL!  I am so grateful there are good people in the world, making good movies:)
In the end I wanted to stand up and cheer!!  The film will touch your heart and motivate you to be a better Christian and a  more committed parent.  I really LOVED it!

This is from the creators of another one of our favorite movies 'Facing the Giants'  which is only $6.49 on Amazon right now.  Making both these movies together just over $20 with free shipping.  What a bargain for good wholesome inspiring entertainment (how often can you use those words together:)
 Do you have any great movies you would recommend?  I would LOVE to hear about them!


Janette said...

Melanie - I don't know how I happened onto your family blog, but I did. I love hearing about your boys and all their adventures. I thought you might enjoy watching this little video about my brother and his family. He has six boys; no girls! He and his wife have done an amazing job of raising righteous sons in an area of Washington where there are not many members of the church.

Natalie said...

It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas here in not so Snowy Utah. So fun to be able to come for the holidays and spend time with your families. Your boys are so handsome and it looks like you are doing a wonderful job of raising them. Hope you and Brad have a wonderful 2012. You do need to try that cake out, it is so amazing ALL your boys will LOVE you for it!

PixieGirl said...

We just watched it this is soo well done! Definitely makes you want to be better!

Brittany said...

we rented Courageous after we got home to watch together so Eric could see it... I was SO inspired again and Eric loved it. Now we tend to compare movies to it - if they don't uplift us, or they are full of garbage we are so disappointed. I'm going to order those movies right now as a surprise for Vday!

Jan S said...

I just loved that movie. Thanks honey!

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