Tuesday, September 18, 2012



These boys had high hopes for the BYU vs Utah game last weekend...
but they were crushed!

My poor boys had to stay up until 2 am here on the East Coast ...NOT worth it!  It was painful, darn it!
Oh well, we still love our Courgars, even if they can't seem to pull off a win when it comes to their biggest rival.  We were all so dissapointed but...it was a good reminder that
I had to give them a serious pep talk:) Their broken hearts will mend, life goes on and there is definitely more important things to worry about, but let me tell ya, this was a tough loss for my little crew!

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Brittany said...

oh that makes me feel sad! Poor guys. It is really hard to get your hopes up... especially when you're a die hard cougar fan on a night like that! I think it's so fun that your boys have so much passion for football though - that's what life is about, getting excited about and enjoying the little things! :)

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