Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Hallows Eve

Twas the Night before Halloween...
and we had LOTS of pumpkins to carve! 

We started out with some good friends on Sunday evening actually.  We cleaned them all out before eating, but we had too much fun talking over dinner and never got to the carving--oops!
Pumpkin guts--eewh!!

Let the artistry begin....

Someone brought out the fake blood from our costume box- yikes!

Bridger carving "BOO" in the back with scissors?  Hmmm

Self Portrait:)  Oh Yeah!
Some went for gruesome...

and some went for just plain CUTE!
He requested his pumpkin to look just like his night light--I was a little shocked (and oh so happy) that it actually did--phew!

Ready for the big night!

Happy Halloween Eve!


PixieGirl said...

Your boys are getting so big and so handsome!

Mindy said...

Did you carve the giant pumpkin? I loved all the pumpkins I saw carved! TJs looked tragic. :) I loved Connor's goofy face, too. There is a girl a year younger than Connor who just moved into our ward, and she reminds me SO much of him. She has lots of his little mannerisms. She could seriously be his twin (except she has curly hair). It makes me miss him! I miss ALL of you!

Brittany said...

Great jackolanterns! What a fun night! It's so fun to see pics of the boys!

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