Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to Seattle

Can you spot the famous space needle?

Well I am not actually back in Seattle (darn it) but I have more to say about that weekend trip and my sweet little sister.
It was such a joy to see her and her little family. Brittany is a wonderful Mother and I loved being with her and her beautiful family.   I was able to meet the newest member of the family, Ian for the first time and boy did he ever steal my heart!

It didn't  help ease my heartache for my babies:)  I know I had 5 but my goodness those baby years seemed to zip by!!  Ian was the sweetest little guy--always happy and rarely ever fussed.  Dreamy!
 Where do I even begin with this little sweetheart?  Oh my goodness Nyah was a little dollie.  She liked to hang out with me in my room whenever I was in there.  She and I would get ready for the day together. We liked to talk fashion and try new styles...

Here she is fresh from her morning bath modeling how nice my necklaces looked with her Beauty and The Beast yellow shimmery heels.  I have to agree--I may have to get me a pair!
She has such a vibrant and fun personality and those big beautiful eyes!!!  Adorable!

And then there is our BIG kindergartner Gabe. He was born just 6 weeks before my youngest Cannon and has a special place in my heart. We have so many pictures of those babies together.  They would have such fun together if we lived closer.  He is quiet and thoughtful child with such an outstanding amount of creativity.  I was so impressed with the games he would play and the scenarios he would come up with (electronics free--such an inspiration for less electronics at my house). One day he was deep sea snorkeling (even making a mask and air tube out of paper, another time he was making a whole city out of the contents of the pen drawer and a house plant.  So cute!

At first he was a little bashful with me, I noticed how he would tell his Mom things but steal glances at me the whole time.to see if I was listening.  When I would respond he would have the sweetest grin and I knew he was happy that I heard...   It was precious.  I sure love this little boy!

I have to say too that my Bother in Law Eric was quite possibly the best tour guide and most gracious host.  He showed us all over Seattle, out to dinner, downtown, scenic drives and hiking.  What a guy!

Thank you Brittany and Eric  for a wonderful trip!

I sure miss this girl--love you Baba!

All in all it was a wonderful trip and I now I am determined to visit each of my sisters who I adore and miss so much! I have to say there is something special about these short little one on one weekend visits.  It was sad that my whole family couldn't come but it is such a huge expense to fly 7 people across the country that for now I will have to do it this way and hope someday we will live closer!
Next will be Erin in Detroit :) And I will see Mindy when I come for BYU Womens Conference.   I can not wait.  I really miss having family around--especially my little sisters.  Thank heavens for the Sisters Cafe that keeps working together even though we live far apart:)

Now I just need to convince my hubby that he can spare me for a couple of weekends a year and that being Mr Mom is FUN!  


Brittany said...

Oh Mel that was so fun to read. You have no idea how much I LOVED having you in my home. Our relationship is so precious to me - you have always been an incredible, loving sister and wonderful example to me. Thank you for all the cute things you said about my family too - I loved reading about your view on my kids. :) It's so fun to have family that love your children too! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to visit us! I love you!!

Mindy said...

Oh that looked so fun! It reminds me of how I got to just enjoy you and your boys, and Erin and her kids before I had my own. Your weekend sounded so fun! I am homesick for Baba, her kids and you now.

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