Monday, November 26, 2012

Heaven Sent

 My parents haven't been here in almost 2 years but they just happened to be scheduled to fly in on the very weekend Bridger was in the hospital.  I knew that the timing was not just a coincidence, but a beautiful blessing!  I can not even tell you what a comfort and help it was to have my Mom and Dad here when I was going through such a scare with our little Bridger.

I had big plans for their Chattanooga area places to go, wonderful  restaurants to introduce them to, and historical sites to see, but things changed and instead they happily spent their time....

building pirate ships...

 and battlegrounds on the kitchen floor:)

Reading Magic Tree House...

 Playing Settlers and Rumikub...

and  lots of Battleship with Bridger,

backyard football ,

 finding educational activities online for our restless little 7 year old who was supposed to be taking it easy)

giving encouragement and love to their daughter (I needed it at times)

making crafts (brought in Grammy's suitcase)

 building Jenga towers

Cleaning up after us constantly (seriously my Mother is the best help ever--all my bathrooms are sparkling)

 even washing fingerprints off windows--all this service and love all week long!

 I really can not even describe how great of a blessing this was.  It made all the difference!
I am so grateful!
 We sure do love you Papa and Grammy and miss you like crazy now that you are gone!

 But we will cherish this week we spent together cozy at home:)

My Mom even insisted on helping me get out and put up most of my Christmas decorations.  I hope I can always be as unselfish and thoughtful as these two are!  And my goodness I hope they can come again soon so I can treat them to to all the Southern fun I had planned!


Cole and Paige Barnett said...

I sure married into an AMAZING family. Love you all. We are praying for your family!

Brittany said...

Oh mel that brought tears to my eyes. We are so blessed with wonderful family. I'm so glad that mom and dad could be there to help you and lift you up during such a scary time. I love your sweet family so much. It was hard being so hard away from you all during this time.

Mindy said...

That week looked and sounded heavenly! I'll bet Mom and Dad loved being able to spend all that quality time with your family. When all this happened with Bridger, I thought it seemed like such a blessing that Mom and Dad were scheduled to come straight to you. I don't care how old I get, I will always need my mom and dad. I'm glad they were there for you!

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