Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012

The traditional line up...youngest to oldest!
Santa was in the house:)  It didn't take the boys too long to change into their new stuff:)

 Bridger got a BYU Kyle Van Noy jersey!  Go Cougs:)

Ready to open gifts

 a new scarf from Bridger:)

 Jets Jersey for Coleman

 Super heros for Cannon to go with the Bateman tower he got from Santa that he has wanted for months!

I gave Brad tickets to the Jazz game when they play Atlanta:)

I think the boys were shocked when they opened an Xbox.  They kept asking for that and I kept saying no way:)  What can I say, I only rule, no shooting games! 
My guys love the sports games (of course) and supposedly the wii is not so hot for sports games, or at least that was what I was hearing.  They wanted that NCAA Football game so bad so they could play BYU:)

 One of my favorite Christmas gifts...Cannon picked out this necklace for me at the little Santa shop at his school...look closely:)

He spent his own dollar on it, bless his little heart...he didn't realize it said "grandma" !
So I wore my Grandma necklace proudly:) ha ha.  We all had a good laugh!

What a happy day
Hope yours was Merry and Bright too!

1 comment:

Erin said...

Oh, I loved all those pictures! So fun! The first one, of all the boys lined up is so darling. Five boys. Five handsome, smart, kind, valiant boys. Seeing that picture of them makes me feel happy and proud of them! What good, sweet boys they are! I just love your family.
All the presents sounded fun! Especially playing BYU football on the xbox! and I gotta say I just love that Grandma necklace!! :) Cute pic of you and Brad with the Jazz tickets. You are so pretty! Everyone looks cute and happy.

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