Monday, January 28, 2013

Work it Baby

Ever since the New Year I have been doing the 
The 30 Day Shred 

Sometimes Cannon joins me with his hand made weights (markers and paper) while Bridger cheers us on from his comfy chair (ha ha)

I LOVE it!  I get a pretty darn good workout everyday with this tough trainer:

and it is only 30 minutes!  I can do that!
I am sore and already noticing the difference in my shape and energy levels.
What do you do to stay in good shape?
By the way--I think I am going to start back Menu Monday--but a 2 week menu so I only post it twice a month.  Look for it next Monday:)


Heather said...

I do 20 second fitness. It has helped me get back after 4 kids. Well, almost back. 10 more pounds to go! It's interval and 15 minutes a day. My kids do it with me. I wrote about it a long time ago on my blog.

Melanie Anne said...

Wow--that workout system sounds very interesting! I will check it out. Thanks Heather!!

Erin said...

Good for you, sis! I'm impressed! And I love the handmade weights Cannon is hefting around. :) Cute!

Emily said...

Hi! That's the same trainer I have! :) I have been doing her workouts for 3 years now...but i've memorized the steps so I just watch my favorite DVRed shows while I'm working's my TV time in the early morning. I love her "shed and shred" DVD. Good look great as always! BTW...we missed you at the reunion. It was fun to see people but there were some missing faces!

Melanie Anne said...

Hey Em--I wish I could work out with you! I am impressed that you have done it so much you don't need a trainer anymore telling you what to do! You go girl!! I know I was sad I missed the reuinion too! TN is just too far away from Arizona, darn it! xo

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