Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Craft Inspiration

Remember how I said "stay tuned for a Valentine Craft post"?
Well, I have to admit, I had great intentions, but crafting never happened over the weekend--darn it!
I spent most of my time watching boys wrestle and play basketball,--time well spent of course--but didn't leave much room in the schedule for my crafting plans.
Nevertheless,   I thought I would at least share with you my ideas, thanks to Pintrest:)
There is still time for these very sweet little garlands:
I want these draped on my kitchen chairs-- or hanging across the bed--who knows I may still do it after all--then at least I will have them for next year:)


Source: bhg.com via Melanie on Pinterest
 How about this garland out of paint chips--how clever is that?!
I could probably even get my older boys to help me with this one.  Although they may not admit to it--I am sure they would secretly enjoy helping me--who could resist all those colors?!

Last but not least--I LOVE this wax paper heart display, thanks to Ms Martha Stewart. The directions here, do not look too difficult. I think I could talk a couple of boys into doing this with me after school today.  I can just imagine how beautiful that would look in my kitchen with the morning sun streaming in.

Well, now I am in the mood to make something pretty, aren't you?!
I guess I better get a few things ready for crafting with my boys this afternoon:)
What about you...what have you been up to this month?  Do share!



Brittany said...

all those crafts looked beautiful! I have such good intentions too... mostly it doesn't happen for me because of poor planning, not because I'm too busy! Next year....! :)

Melanie Anne said...

i know me too! xo

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