Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

 Friday started out with Coleman's scope at the Children's Hospital.  Luckily there was ESPN while we waited.  We caught up on the March Madness.  With everything going on at our house, we totally forgot to print off brackets and fill them out!  Darn!
The procedure went well and we had some good news!  The Dr felt from his view that the damage is minor and we have caught it before it progressed too far.  We are very grateful for that!  We have to wait until next week for the pathology report from the samples that he took for biopsy but the Dr was pretty confident that it will show little damage.  
 I was hoping with that news that maybe it wasn't Celiac disease but just a wheat allergy that he could outgrow.  Unfortunately the Dr explained that this is not the case.  The blood panel they ran showed that Coleman definitely has the disease.  He said there are certain antibodies that they test for and would be about 5 normally and Coleman's were like 125--which makes them 99.9% positive that he has Celiac disease. Since this is a genetic disease, now our whole family needs to be have that blood test--just a fun little Spring Break activity--the boys are so excited:( ugh. LOL  The Dr said that he is always surprised that some people have the disease and it is doing damage inside but they do not have symptoms.  Strange, huh?

Luckily he was feeling back to normal pretty quick.  Good enough to put puzzles together the next morning.  Yeah!  Any activity that does not require a screen, makes this Momma HAPPY happy happy:)

Brad and Connor's long awaited guy road trip to the NCAA National Wrestling Championship finally arrived.  Connor was SO excited about this weekend!  He didn't forget to fill out his wrestling brackets:)

 Getting to meet Olympic gold medalist and national Champion Jordan Burroughs!
 Happy boy and a very sweet Daddy to drive him 12 hours.  I wondered why they didn't fly--since with all Brad's traveling we have lots of flight miles and he said he wanted the long hours in the car to talk to his son:)  Connor was also able to practice his driving skills since he is turning 16 in May.  Woo hoo!

 My Easter grass is growing like crazy!!  We have had to give it a haircut since this picture!  I am going to have to remember to start it just a week before next year.
 Sunday games with friends.  SO darn fun!!  We need to do this more often:)
Cannon is it for "Ducky Wucky" much tohis delight!

How was your weekend?  I hope happy!
We are currently on Spring Break--and it is so freezing cold here, darn it!
All my outdoor activities I was planning will probably have to be scratched... Grr!


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Brittany said...

Loved your instagram-type post! :) It was so fun to hear about your lives... the updates on Coley, fun activities the boys are up to, hearing aobut Brad and Con's trip, and of course seeing all those cute pictures of your family. I bet you are having a great time with Erie this week! I so wish I were there too. ;) Tell everyone hello and give COleman an extra hug and kiss from me. Love you all!

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