Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School...already!

 We started school yesterday!  It is very bittersweet for me!  I am so sad that our fun summer is behind us--boo hoo, but I can't lie is nice to have a quiet house for a few hours everyday.
Although I love them dearly, these boys of mine are loud and messy:)
I have spent the first days reclaiming my house!  Between the pool, vacations and outings I put off a lot of my cleaning!  First up was super cleaning my two fridges and defrostings our garage freezer.  Geez it was bad, but it feels so good to have it finally done:)
So although I am going to miss these boys being home ...I am going to enjoy getting back on track!
I have to admit I love to have a schedule and an earlier bedtime!
I was a serious push over this summer and we all stayed up far too late!!
Aren't these little guys cute?
It is Coleman's last year in Elementary school.  Next year I will be back to having 3 different start times for the boys.  Ugh.
I really can not believe that I have two boys in High School now! How can that be?!
I am going to LOVE having a driver this year! Woo hoo! 
We are looking forward to a great year! 


Erin said...

back to school so soon?! It's just around the corner for us, too, I guess. I agree - it's bittersweet.

PixieGirl said...

I'm telling you dear...we live parallel lives! I feel the same way, word for word. Love you and enjoy getting organized-I can't wait:)

Keri said...

I can't Walt to hear about your back to school family night that you do every year! Your such a inspiration and I love hearing about your family and how you handle life with all boys!

Melanie Anne said...

Erin--Good luck getting ready:)

Heather--I am so happy I know another Momma of 5 boys! and someone so totally awesome to boot!!

Keri--You are too sweet! I am posting about our dinner today--although it was pretty low key this year!

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