Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweet Baptism Keepsake


Bridger was baptized on October 19th, his 8th birthday! 
He was so excited to be baptized that he wamted to do it as soon as possible!  (in our church you are not baptized until you are at least 8 years old).  He was not too excited about the above picture though--silly boy!
We were so happy to have my Mom come for this big event!
Grammy and Bridger right before the baptism.  We missed Papa who had to stay home due to hip surgery--poor guy!
It was a wonderful day!  He was baptized by his Dad, Coleman gave the opening prayer, and Connor (on Baptism) and TJ (on the gift of the Holy Ghost)  both gave outstanding talks that they wrote themselves.  I was so impressed!

After Bridger was baptized and we were waiting for him to change into his suit, I passed out little 4x6 cards and asked everyone there to write a little note to him on his special day. 
I had also asked all of our family living far away to email me a note that I could print and paste on a card.
Later I took all these sweet notes and punched a hole in the corner to tie together.

 I know these words of love and testimony will be a treasure for years to come!
 My friend Sheri did this for Coleman's baptism and I loved it! 
Such a a great idea!
A wonderful keepsake from his baptism day!


Allison said...

How fun! I just happened to find your blog while clicking around and recipe hunting and saw this post! Five boys! I have four :) and I just had a little girl (and I'm truly enjoying her) but I'm secretly jealous that you have five boys! :) I always have considered myself a boy mom! And, about this post...My oldest just turned 8 and I'm working on stuff for his baptism so I might steal this idea! Thanks! :) Happy blogging!

Melanie Anne said...

How fun to get a little daughter after all those boys:) She will be so loved and watched over! Hope your sons baptism day goes well--I am sure it will! It is such a happy day! I think he will love the notes as much as my little boys have:)

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