Monday, January 13, 2014

A Job Chart System that Works!

A New Year called for updating my job charts!
I want my boys to grow up to be hard working, contributing type people and I know that starts at home.  I am finding that it takes a lot of work and patience to train children...but I am already seeing the reward!  It is so nice to have my boys help without complaint and to feel like I am not the only one working around here!
 I have found that the keys to success when it comes to getting children to work at home is to have CLEAR EXPECTATIONS and be CONSISTENT
When my boys have work "sprung on" them, that they were not expecting their attitudes are not the best. It is no fun for Mom, so I have created job charts and they can see exactly what is expected. 
The only day that is not clearly outlined is Saturday.  On that day the charts says to plan on 1 hour of work from Mom and Dad.  Every Saturday I have a little list of jobs they must accomplish before hanging out with friends or turning on any electronics.  The one that never changes is super cleaning their rooms (dust, vacuum, closet, drawers) but the other jobs just depend on what needs to be done. 
I have hung these on a magnet board in our sunroom which is off the kitchen, a place where we are the most:)
We have a rule that the boys are free to come home and get a snack and relax after school, but the jobs need to be done BEFORE electronics or play each day.  This is something that I have to enforce or the jobs would never get done.  Also, if they leave for school and don't make their beds then they owe me an extra job when they get home.  I try very hard to NOT get mad, but hold them to it!
I can happily say that consistency has paid off and there are rarely any problems with this anymore.
*as a side note under Everyday (see below) I don't force them to say their prayers,  that is just a little reminder:)
Also we do our 30 min reading before bed and homework after school or while I make dinner.
I have cut and pasted 3 documents for a closer look at the system:
#1 This is one of the individual little charts pictured above for a closer look:

Coleman Keith

Everyday: personal prayer, scriptures, make bed, tidy room, empty laundry basket, read 30min, homework.

Mon- Media Room

Tues- Family Room
Wed- Dishes-unload/reload
Thu- Sweep kitchen/Laundry
Fri- Bathrooms shine
Sat- 1 hour of work
Sun- Journal, Duty to God, Weekly Goals, Letters
#2  I printed this off and hang it above their job charts so they can clearly see a description of what is expected for each job.


Job Descriptions

Media Room (FOR THE DAY)

 Media Room: put away anything out, including DVDs & Wii stuff, pick up trash, vacuum if needed. 

Family Room (FOR THE DAY)

Family Room: put away anything out, including toys & trash, keep pillows on couch, vacuum if needed. 

Bathrooms (FOR THE DAY):  

All 3 Bathrooms (not master): Shine mirror, wipe out sink & countertop, wipe down toilet (including under lid), pick up towels, check toilet paper and soap dispensers and overall tidy up.

Sweep kitchen/ Laundry:

Sweep kitchen and main hard floors (including hall, sunroom, outside of family room, entry), help with one batch of laundry*-fold


Unload and reload dishes as needed, especially after meals. 

See Mom and Dad for a list of jobs—plan on about an hour of work

#3 I hung this little graph on the side of the fridge so I can easily check and see who has what everyday.   I have found that I really need to follow up on their daily jobs and remind them that we work before play:)


Media Room
Family Room
Media room
Family Room
Sweep/ Laundry
Family Room
Media Room
Media room
Family Room
Sweep/ Laundry
Family room
Media Room


There you have it!  A tried and true work chart system that works!

Next up:  A daily work chart for myself!  


Mary said...

Melanie, I have been following your blogs - started with "The Sisters Cafe" and then just happened upon " melandboys". I have been wanting to tell you how much I enjoy them. I admire you for your beliefs and how you make your family the highest priority. I don't know where you get your energy to keep up with all you do but keep it up! I am sure your sisters are as nice as you and your mom is as wonderful a mother as you are. Just wanted to let you know that it is fun to read your posts and I do learn a lot.
God Bless,

Melanie Anne said...

What a treat to read this sweet comment!! Your kind words mean so much! Thank you for taking the time to leave me this note! Xo

Brittany said...

wow Mel I am really impressed with the job chart system. I need a few more kids so I don't have to do so much housework, lol! :) JK! I think it's wonderful that you have taught them that as a family we all help each other. and also that a clean and organized home feels good. what an inspiration you are sis!

Brittany said...
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cathi6 said...

You are amazing and I love your cooking blog so much! Came across this the other day and LOVE it! Do you have downloads so I can print them? Such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see your personal daily work chart too! Please please share!

you are always so inspiring!

Jan S said...

You are amazing. Great ideas! No wonder your house is so clean with 5 boys!

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