Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bedtime Goals and Dreams

First day of school pictures
 It seemed like summer zipped by this year and all of a sudden it was time to go back to school!  This year I have 3 boys that are at the Middle High School (it's combined) and only two left at the Elementary School.
I now have 3 different start times again.  Connor and TJ leave for seminary (a 6am scripture study class for high school students that meets at our church before school), Coleman by 6th grader leaves at 6:45am and then my little boys Bridger and Cannon leave at 8:15am.
That is 3 breakfasts, 3 family prayers and 3 (hopefully loving) send offs a morning.
Not to mention packing 5 lunches a day!
So as you can see, I really need to bring my A game every morning and be on my toes!
With such an early start time and such busy mornings--I have found that we all need a good nights sleep--which brings me to a serious predicament.
Most nights my boys seem to fight sleep and do anything in their power to avoid their beds and starting around 8:45 I begin to feel frustrated....and turn into a nagging cranky tired Momma.
So I have set a new goal for myself to not rush bedtime anymore, to be FIRM, but remain happy and loving. 
  I know that bedtime can be a special bonding opportunity where kids open up and talk about things that are on their minds.. A time when they are ready to talk and to listen.  When things can sink deep in their hearts  Something about a cozy bed, the presence of a loving parent and dimmed lights--is magical.  I know this and I want it--but man it is going to take some serious effort on my part. 
The only time I have successful bedtimes with my boys like that is when I start early (or I don't care how late it is--which late nights is not an option during the school year if I want happy mornings:)...so I am recommitting to having my dinners planned so I am not stressed and scrambling. This will set the stage, I hope:)  Then I will have plenty of time for the whole evening routine of checking homework, family scriptures, PJs, teeth brushing, reading etc EARLY--so we can feel relaxed and not rushed when it is finally time to get the boys tucked into bed.  And that is just the little ones.
 I have found that my teenagers need time to decompress before I rush them off to bed too.  Why is it that around the time they should be headed to their rooms for the night, they  become chatty and so fun to be around?!   I am realizing that this is a precious time that I don't want to miss.  Hopefully starting early will allow me to enjoy them and not feel annoyed that it is too late. 
Wish me luck!
If only I could work this bedtime magic like Mary Poppins--remember this?!  he he--I love it!

Here is to happy bedtimes for all!
What are your secrets to bedtime success??


Jenny said...

Oh man, I'm glad I'm not the only one that becomes cranky at 8:45 when the kids' bedtime routine isn't finished. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy it a little more.

I love how you post about the little things that make families happier. And I'm always excited to read someone else's menu for the week.

Melanie Anne said...

Jenny--I loved reading your menu and your cute blog! I couldn't see where to leave a comment there--so I am here:) xoxo

Jenny said...

Hi Melanie. Thanks for the sweet comment about my blog and for the heads up that my footer font is the same color as my background. Fixed that. Just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing gospel related things, it's make me be braver at posting things that are really important to me on my blog instead of just menus and recipes.

Ammanda said...

I've had this same goal recently (but it's still a work in progress) - it's not until I sit down alone, after almost shoving the kids in bed, that I realize their last thoughts for the day may well be of me with an angry face. Just the thought makes me sad - so I'm determined to do better! Thanks for the reminder. :)

PixieGirl said...

Ha! We are kindred spirits:) I agree with all that was said and have had the same goal in running for a good 8 years. Making small progress, but hard to be sweet when I would have crawled into bed at 8pm if I had the choice. Good thing we have each other to remember to keep trying. Loves!

Jan S said...

I had to laugh at the video - haven't seen that for years and years. I loved that movie! You are one busy Mama, but as always, you will carry it off in style! Good luck with the bedtime goals. Been there! :)

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