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When the weather gets cold and gray there is nothing better than getting cozy with a warm blanket and good book! Cannon agrees with me--this is how I found him early one chilly Saturday morning:)  So fun to have another bookworm in the family!
 I thought I would share with you some of the books I have enjoyed recently and I want to hear what you are reading too!  I am craving a good book right now and having a hard time deciding what to read.

First up:
Although fantasy is not my usual preferred genre,  both of these series were good!  I will admit that it took me a little while to get into them but once I did I was hooked:) 
There is 3 books in this first series. I love the characters and was actually sad when I finished the last book!  I will say that although they are marked at Young Adult--I am not sure I would want my YA reading them.  There were a few scenes that would be inappropriate for a young girl in my opinion- especially in the 3rd book.
 This is actually the 2nd book in the series--I listened to them all on my phone while I exercised and really enjoyed the story!
 OK next is an oldie but a goodie-- I absolutely LOVE this book!  
  Light reading and so entertaining!  I have several books by this author, including this one that is great too
Both are good, clean adventure/ romance books!  Unfortunately these books are out of print.  I have a copy of both if anyone who lives close wants to borrow them. Look for it used online or at old library book sales.

I just finished this book. 
A historical fiction set during the civil war time--told through 4 different people. Two are slaves (a man and a woman) and two immigrants (a young man from Ireland and a young woman from Spain). It is interesting to see how all their paths cross and come together in the end. I really liked all the characters except for Marcella (immigrant from Spain). I never "bonded" with her character.  Overall though it was  interesting and enjoyable.                  

So what are you reading?
  My favorites are  historical fiction books (adventure or romance) or a book with strong inspiring characters.
Any suggestions for me?
Are you on Goodreads?  (Its like a facebook for readers)
If so then lets be friends!
Have a great weekend!

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cara said...

Hi, I really enjoyed The Rosie Project--funny and insightful, The Interestings, One and Only, Delicious--about a girl that worked at a food magainze by Gourmet's editor. Reading light and fun stuff this year with a few business books thrown in such as Failing Forward.

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